Review done by:  Fatally Yours
Starring: Melissa Jalali, Aurora Grabill, Christine McFadyen, Richard Chandler,
Damian Bonazzoli, Thomas Cataloni, Todd Therrien, Jessica Gardner, Katie

Directed by: Richard Chandler



Our Kingdom Come is a well-done indie film straight out of Boston. Richard
Chandler wrote, directed and acted in this, his first feature film. Melinda (Melissa
Jalali) begins having frightening disturbing visions of a lady in white. Melinda is a
regular church-goer, but lately feels empty inside. Thinking this might be the
cause of her nightmares, she seeks the help of her priest, Father Griffith
(Damian Bonazzoli). At the church, she meets Mia (Jessica Gardner) and
Doreen (Katie McDowell), Father Griffith’s assistants. While explaining her
visions to the Father, Melinda becomes possessed and utters some strange
language. Father Griffith offers to help, but Melinda is still confused as ever.  
She continues having strange, realistic visions. At this point, we meet Hera and
Zimmer, part of a cult that wishes to release their Master from hell. They are
looking for the “purest of heart” as a sacrifice. Out on a long walk through the
streets of Boston, Melissa meets Matt, newly returned from the war in Iraq,
where he was severely wounded.

After being nearly blown in half by a bomb, he miraculously survived and is now
in perfect health (well, besides his drinking problem). Zimmer suddenly shows
up and tries to attack Melinda, but Matt defends her. Melinda recognizes
Zimmer from one of her dreams, and begs Matt to be her bodyguard. Matt calls
her crazy and asks her to leave his house. Yet again, Melinda seeks help from
Father Griffith. This time, he explains to her that the cult she is dreaming about
is attempting to free their Master, Lilith, from hell. Lilith was Adam’s first wife in
the Garden of Eden, but because she would not submit to him and left the
Garden, she was banished to hell. If released from her imprisonment, she would
bring a great evil to this world and feed on young children. Father Griffith
explains that Melinda was chosen by God to stop the cult and that someone
should have entered her life recently that would help her. Melinda realizes this
person is Matt. Another character enters the fray of good vs. evil – Caligula. He
is sent by the Vatican to stop the sacrifice of the “purest of heart,” even if it
means killing her before the cult can sacrifice her.

He first attacks Doreen and Mia, the assistants of Father Griffith. They get
away, but it seems Doreen has switched sides as she injects Mia with a sleep-
inducing drug and delivers her, the “purest of heart,” to Hera. Now it’s up to
Melinda, with the help of Matt and Father Griffith, to stop the cult before they
invoke Lilith and bring a great evil and chaos to this world. The strongest point
of this movie was the cast of characters. The characters are well-developed,
interesting and entirely believable. The cast does a great job of bringing their
respective characters to life. Take special note of Richard Chandler in the role of
Zimmer. Every time he appears on screen, he steals the show. He plays
Zimmer, a formal defense attorney from Germany with Nazi ties who also
happens to be a direct descendant from Lilith, with an evil, irresistible charisma.
Also, Aurora Grabill does a great job with her portrayal of a vengeful and evil
Lilith. She is very creepy!

As I said before, though, the entire cast does a great job with their characters,
which is very rare in a no-to-low-budget movie such as this. The story is
engaging and unfolds over the course of five parts or chapters. It is well-
written and very entertaining. It goes deeper and is more involved than most
typical horror films.  My only complaints are that some things could have been
explained a little more (it took me a while to figure out that Hera was the
“Whore of Babylon” as well as the tax collector and why wasn't Lilith released
after the “purest of heart” was sacrificed?) and the movie dragged in some
places. Also, the fight scenes are pretty fake-looking, even for a low-budget
movie. Nonetheless, the movie gets high marks for its story, acting and great
cast of characters. This is a great first effort by director/writer/actor Richard
Chandler, and I cannot wait to see what comes next for him. I do hear that he
is starting work on a sequel, called Sons of Perdition, which hopefully starts
filming January 2007.   

Overall: 7/10
Genres: Horror


Country: USA

Year: 2006



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