Starring: Kate Costello, Alli Bivins, Nolan Rudi, Walter Viga III

Directed by: Derek Bensonhaver, Brandon Scott Jensen

Story: A woman dies and is slowly realizing the world around her is not what it
seems and she also slowly realizes what happened to her.


Have you ever had one of those dreams where you could have sworn that it
was real? I've had my fair share of those. Some can be nice, others can be
terrifying. Dreams are weird, and random. The same goes for nightmares. But
I'll tell you one thing, nightmares are more fun. The short film that I'm about to
review for you right now is just like this. A giant nightmare that leaves you
questioning what's real and what's not. Directed by Derek Bensonhaver and
Brandon Scott Jensen, Paramnesia is a simple story of a woman who dies and
slowly realizes that nothing is what it seems. The woman goes through some
weird experiences. She finds a severed finger on her hand, teeth in her cereal,
an eye ball in the bathroom and many other crazy things. The woman slowly
realizes that the crazy things that she's been finding belong to her. Through
these experiences she figures out what exactly happened to her.

Paramnesia is brought to us by the folks over at UYL productions. When it
comes to this short, I don't really have much to say. Which is why I'm going to
try my very best to talk as much as I can without having to give away the
entire short. Paramnesia runs really fast, even with its runtime. Because it is a
short film the story goes by quickly. In fact a little too quickly. It goes from one
scene to the next which gives you very little time to think. Thus it makes it hard
for you to come up with a solution. It all makes sense anyway, Paramnesia
doesn't seam like the type of movie that will leave you thinking. By the end you
figure everything out anyway, which is a good thing. The movie does its job by
telling a good simple story. You follow a character who goes through quite an
adventure. She stars to find really nasty things in the most random places.
Who wouldn't enjoy finding teeth in their bowl of cereal? Actually now that I
think about it, that's kind of creepy.

The gore effects in Paramnesia aren't top notch, but it's acceptable and good
for an independent short feature. If you happen to watch it for yourself just be
sure to keep an open mind. Otherwise you wont get it (I had to watch it twice
to be able to fully understand it). Now that I understand everything, I can say
that Paramnesia is a short that's worth the time. Everything from the lighting
to the overall picture, Paramnesia looks fantastic. The writing isn't all that bad
either. I thought of Paramnesia as a quick short that works best for bringing
you something simple and fascinating. This is an entertaining short movie
overall. The acting in it isn't Oscar worthy but it works. Paramnesia is a well
made short that's great for a quick fix. If you want to see something cool then
I really recommend checking out this short. It has just about everything you
can ask for. Blood, gore, teeth, eye balls and a good mystery that doesn't
require you to think.

Overall: 6/10
Genres: Horror, Short


Country: USA

Year: 2006


Studio: UYL Productions
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Review done by: Nightmare Child
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