Starring: Rachel Miner, Mimi Rogers, Michael Berryman, Mickey Jones

Directed by: Richard Brandes

Story: Young Penny goes on a retreat with her psychologist; the intention is to
help her overcome her phobia, an intense fear of cars. Unexpected events find
her in a nightmarish situation where her worst fears come true.


I've seen some bad slashers in my day, it's just been a while since I've actually
written about one. Especially one that's just down right horrible. I'll let you
know right now, I didn't intend to make my night a living hell. It happened all by
accident. Actually it wasn't an accident, I paid to see this movie. So it's
nobodies fault but my own. If I had known that Penny Dreadful was going to be
a bad movie, I would have done something else with my time. Like, go to
Disneyland and play with Mickey Mouse. Or I could have ran straight into a brick
wall (head first). I would have saved money and have more fun doing it.
Anything is better than sitting through this entire movie. Everything that can
go wrong in a movie is present here. Well almost everything, I'll give Penny
Dreadful some credit. It had a decent story, but it just didn't go anywhere. I
mean that literally by the way. You're basically stuck in one setting for about an
hour and a half. Dreadful, it's truly dreadful.

In the movie we follow a young woman named Penny Dearborn. Penny has a
phobia, she's afraid of cars. To get over her phobia Penny goes on a retreat
with her psychologist. The psychologist is hoping to help Penny overcome her
fear. Things take a sharp turn when they run into a hitchhiker out on the road.
The psychologist then offers the poor man a ride, hoping that he doesn't sue
her. Soon after that Penny is trapped in a nightmarish situation where her
worst fears come to haunt her. So what went wrong? Hm...where do I start?
Alright, I'll just make this easy. EVERYTHING went wrong. The characters, the
story, the pace, the content, it's all a waste. You'd have to be mentally ill or
brain dead to think that this is a great story. It's mediocre and cliché, we've
seen slashers like this in the past. Most of them are even better than this.
Penny Dreadful offers nothing new or exciting. It's supposed to be really
serious, if you can't already tell from the dramatic score and plot.

In a time where audiences are demanding more blood, Penny Dreadful offers
very little. It's like getting the disgusting candy (or no candy at all) on
Halloween. This movie is poor when it comes to content. Not only do we have
to sit through a boring movie, but we don't even get any gore. It's like having a
cruel April fools prank being done on you. Penny Dreadful easily could have
been rated PG-13. There is hardly any blood or gore, the violence is mild. You
would figure that a movie of this stature would be more intense and horrifying.
It's not, even when the movie is trying to take itself seriously, there's nothing
scary or even threatening in this. The lack of action just makes everything dull
and unimpressive. This is basically 'When A Stranger Calls', only it's with a
hitchhiker and it's set in the woods. The movie drags big time. Most of the
scenes in the movie focus on Penny, the main character who you feel very little
sympathy for. Penny is an irritating character, and the movie is just about her
being tormented by some unknown stranger.

When she's not screaming or freaking out she's doing little to nothing to save
her own ass. Penny is a useless character who does nothing but drag the
movie. You would hope that Penny dies just so that the movie would end.
Guess what? Penny makes you suffer, because she just refuses to shut up and
die. She doesn't give up, even though she cries through most of the god damn
movie. You as a viewer would just sit there and suffer as you watch a character
freak out while there's a killer in the woods tormenting her. It's nerve wrecking
at best. Why this movie was even allowed to hit theatres is beyond me, I don't
get it. Did they intentionally release this for us to waste our money and suffer?
This movie was horrible. There's no suspense, very little blood and the
characters are lousy. Nothing good comes from watching this, 'Penny Dreadful'
is painfully dreadful.

Overall: 3/10
Genres: Horror

Rated: R

Country: USA

Year: 2006


Studio: Lions Gate


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