Story: When a group of Satan worshiping bikers seek out a book holding the
secrets of eternal life, they accidentally resurrect an ancient evil in the woods,
that manifests itself in the zombified forms of cult members that killed
themselves in the same woods some 200 years ago. Private Investigator, Jack
Steele, while on a mission to help rescue Evelyn Crane's brother Tommy from
the hands of the bikers, gets entangled in the situation, and may be the only
one that can lay the curse to rest for good.


I've been watching horror films since I was a little kid and I can remember
growing up watching the big mainstream movies like Halloween, Friday the 13th,
Nightmare on Elm Street etc. As I got older my taste in film expanded and I
grew to appreciate just about everything the horror genre had to offer. Lately I’
ve been trying my best to get more in touch with the underground stuff. The
low budget cheesy flicks which we get a huge kick out of. Well just recently I
received a screener to a independent horror feature called 'Pleasures of the
Damned'. I’m pretty fond of low budget films so I didn't waste any time
checking this out. The films plot is tough to explain but its pretty much about a
group devil worshipping bikers who somehow resurrect an ancient group of
undead (well they seem undead). Being trapped in the woods a few of the main
characters have to find a way to escape and defeat this group of ancient evil
monsters. Im sure there's more to it but theres a lot going on so its hard for
me to explain everything.

On the cover it says that the film was banned for 25 years. Its very interesting
to find out that the director Antonello Giallo was sentenced on 17 indecency
charges after the premiere of the film. The movie was lost for awhile until it was
tracked down and restored with new dubbing and sound effects. The funny
thing about that story is that its apart of the gag. Its an over the top film with
poor dubbing and it's cheesy at heart. I like the way this film looks. It actually
looks as if it was made in the 70s. Well in most parts that is. Honestly if you
watch it you'll notice some things which should not be, but I think that was
done on purpose. You can't really fool an audience with this. Its nothing catchy
or spectacular but overall I thought the look of the film was pretty cool. Not to
mention the dubbing is pretty hilarious. We've all must have seen old movies
with bad dubbing, well as part of the whole gag the film is terribly dubbed
featuring funny dialog and voices which do not exactly match the characters.
The dubbing had me laughing the most and I got a kick out of it. To top that
there are some other pretty funny bits here and there. The characters and
sound effects in this film are pretty goofy. If you think the dubbing doesn’t
match just wait till you hear the interestingly familiar and way off sound effects.

I really don't think that this is meant to be a serious movie. Its funny for sure,
but there were a lot of moments in the movie which just didn't seem right. Its
over the top and not so realistic. There is also an interesting cartoonish fight
scene near the end. But then again I think that’s what the film makers were
going for. Some scenes will make you laugh, shake your head and maybe even
disgust you depending on how well you can take things. For a low budget
picture I was impressed with the gore and level of violence. The evil undead
happen to eat flesh much like a zombie picture. Its not too shocking or
revolting but its just always great to see blood and limbs being torn off and
eaten. One other thing I noticed in this movie was that a lot of the gore scenes
were filmed in a separate area. The editing in this movie isn't the best and you
can see that the make-up fx were filmed separately in another location.

I noticed so many things just not right with this movie and the biggest one is
that some shots are re-used in a few parts. I tip my hat off to the cast and
crew who worked on this movie. Its always nice to see something different and
funny. But honestly Pleasures of the Damned is a film that won't impress
everyone. Sure it has an interesting story, funny dialog and characters, but
that’s about it. The rest of it just didn't catch my full attention and its a film
that I could watch once. Overall I give the movie a 5 out of 10. The characters
are funny, the dubbing is funny and the sound effects are something else.
Other then that I wouldn't know what else to say. The whole back story on this
film is also pretty neat. I'm sure that this film wont please everyone unless
you're into the funny cheesy stuff. The DVD has yet to be distributed so ill be
sure to keep updated on what’s going on with this film. Pleasures of the
Damned is not the best movie out there, but its neat to watch just for the hell
of it.

Overall: 5/10
Genres: Independent Horror

Rated: Unrated

Country: USA



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