Starring: Austin Musick, Linds Edwards, Casey Payne, Erica Bundy, Jason
Benjamin, Tina Jenkins, Zachary Redden

Directed by: Brooks Benjamin

Story: A few friends go on a camping trip and end up being tormented by a
psychotic doctor who thinks his late wife has come back to him.


Lets face it, we all have fears. We're all afraid of something. Some fears are
more dangerous than others, and some are just hard to understand. Being the
open person that I am I'm used to hearing other people's fears. Some are
afraid of heights (like myself), some are afraid of snakes. Some are afraid of
public speaking, some are afraid of to touch the toaster. We as human beings
have this in common. There's always something out here that bugs us, and
even frightens us. I'm willing to bet money that most of us are afraid of death.
Some of us go through traumatic experiences, some of which we never fully
recover from. The idea of dying is unbearable. Human beings will go through
incredible lengths to survive. The movie I'm reviewing right now plays greatly on
the idea of a persons fears.

Point of Fears has a familiar and simple plot. In the movie we follow Mark,
Parker, Melissa, and Karen. The group decides to go camping trip together in a
small town up near the mountains. Pleasant Point is where they stay at. The
group soon finds out that the town has much to offer. Pleasant Point has lately
been the subject of a string of brutal murders. While shopping, the group
learns of a man named Dr. Jamison, who is referred to in the papers as the
"fear doctor". Dr Jamison is known to help others concur their fear, only his
methods are deadly and controversial. When Melissa meets with Dr Jamison to
get over her fear of heights, the doctor loses it and begins to think that she is
his late wife who has come back to him. After being gone for a long amount of
time, Melissa's friends then go on a search to look for her.

The plot to Point of Fear is pretty basic. We've seen movies like this before, but
most of them aren't as good as this one. For an independent feature the look
of the movie is great. The presentation is remarkable, the look of the picture
was the first thing that I noticed. The quality of the film is highly presentable. I
can easily picture this being released in video stores all over the country (and it
should be). This is a well made movie, there's no doubt about that. It was well
written, you can tell that from listening to the dialog. Somebody took the time
to write up a good story and an interesting cast of characters. Not to mention
the acting was very well done. Everything was well developed, it's one of the
best looking independent movies I've ever seen.

The musical score is pretty good too, even though it does feel a bit weird
having rock tunes play during all the intense scenes. The soundtrack was good
anyway. The movie also carries a neat twist near the end. Sadly that's where all
the positive stuff ends. I liked the movie, I enjoyed watching it, but it's not
perfect. For the most part it's very predictable. Like I said we've seen movies
like this before, so guessing what happens next isn't much of a challenge.
There's hardly anything new in Point of Fear. The thing that bothered me the
most was the ending. The last scene in the movie is my least favorite, I wasn't
really feeling it. I didn't enjoy the ending at all. Point of Fear is basically like
most of the movies out there in the market. It's good but it also has some
flaws. Overall I enjoyed it, it's worth a second viewing.

Overall: 7/10
Genres: Horror, Thriller

Rated: R

Country: USA

Year: 2006

Runtime: 99 minutes

Studio: Lycan

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