Genres: Comedy, Horror,


Country: USA

Year: 2006

Runtime: 103 minutes

Studio: Poultry
Productions LLC

Review done by:  Jonny Cage
Online since: February 20th, 2006
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Director: Lloyd Kaufman

Starring: Jason Yachanin, Kate Graham, Allyson Sereboff, Robin Watkins,
Joshua Olatunde, Rose Ghavami, Caleb Emerson, Lloyd Kaufman

Synopsis: When Arbie's girlfriend turns out to be a lesbian, he decides not
to go to college but to work at the American Chicken Bunker where she
always protests. One thing, the American Chicken Bunker was built on an
Ancient Indian Burial Ground and on Toxic Waste. What will Arbie do when
the mutated toxic spirits of the Indians enter the dead carcass of the


The all-too-famous American Chicken Bunker has moved into the small town
of Tromaville. The owner, known as The General (convenient, huh), has
decided to build the new branch on top of a sacred Indian burial ground. But
this is the least of his worries right now; a large group of animal activists and
lesbians (that’s redundant…no offense) have gathered to protest this evil
conglomerate. But when a high school-graduate loser named Arbie finds
Wendy, his away-at-college girlfriend making out with another chick while
somehow simultaneously protesting, he decides that the only way to get
back at his lesbian ex-girlfriend is to become the newest employee of
American Chicken Bunker. Unfortunately for Arbie, this specific branch has
had an unlikely shipment of odd-behaving, dead chicken. Since nobody seems
to notice that the supposedly dead chicken is laying eggs and grinding up
Mexican butt-pirates, Arbie’s boss Denny decides to open the restaurant to
the public, who are still protesting outside.

Not long after the anticlimactic grand opening, The General decides to stop
by for a visit. He convinces the protesters that his chicken not only contains
the finest ingredients but, tastes like an orgy in your mouth. Wendy’s new
lover spontaneously becomes American Chicken Bunker’s new biggest fan
and soon the entire restaurant is swarming with the hungry masses. But all
is not well when their patrons start turning into flesh-eating giant chickens
and take over the area. Now it’s up to Arbie, his sexually confused, on-again-
off-again girlfriend Wendy, another ACB employee named Humas
(yep…pronounced just like the food) to figure out a way to stop these
possessed-poultry-patrons and save the day! I have actually been looking
forward to seeing this film for a very long time. Now that I have, I feel
retarded. And don’t get offended by the word retard. Most people think that
retarded people are the most offended by the word; that’s simply not true.

Retarded people are not offended by the word “retard” because they’re
retarded! (That’s a little Ralphie May for you; Girth of a Nation…Comedy
Central…check it out…funny stuff). But back to my point; I actually felt more
stupid than I’ve felt in a long time. This has got to be one of the most
rediculous, mind numbing, gut-splitting, tear-jerking, butt-plugging, brain-
eating, chicken-selling, lesbian-kissing, toob-shotting love stories I’ve ever
had the chance to pass up…and I loved every second! The story was bad. I
really should just leave it at that. Unfortunately, I’ve taken a solemn vow to
my readers to give them the best (I suspect that one day this game is gonna
kill me…or my wife will. Either way, she wins). So, here we go; the story that
was portrayed here was that of a romantic-musical-spoof-zombie-comedy, or
a romustic spomedy (roe-muse-tick spom-eddy...phonetics for all of you
artards out there). But I was fairly surprised to see so much to it; there was
actually much more involvement than I could have expected.

It was not really all that amazing or mind-blowing but, mind-numbing, like I
said before. This is where the story gets its strength. Since most of the films
out now are either remakes, capers (films trying to capitalize on a more
popular film’s success), or Asian copies, it is refreshing to not have to
think…at all. From start to finish this movie will hook you by the mouth and
drag you through the murky waters of a regretful conscience. Now, before I
ritually sacrifice the acting in this film, just remember that this is still
considered a spoof. This means that this film is meant to be over-the-top,
silly, and down-right offensive. So keep that in mind. Because the acting was
dreadful. Just, horrible. It was so bad that it actually suited the film to a tee.
Each actor/actress/lesbian had captured their character perfectly and
accentuated their personality beautifully. It was like watching poetry in
motion, as long as the poetry is a train-wreck.

You’ve got to understand that the acting is supposed to be bad. This is for
two reasons: One, because it’s a Troma film, and two, because that’s the
way the characters were written. So, kudos to the actors and the
writers…but not to the lesbians. The gore, as most of you know, is my
favorite part of most horror films. This is mostly no exception. The gore was
typical for Troma; overdone, drawn out, extravagant, and in excessive
quantities. This Gore Factor plays a very large part in most Troma films,
leading to the company’s credibility. Most fans know what to expect from
Lloyd Kaufman and his team by now. But this does not excuse the fact that
no other company will ever show the kind of gore that this one will. No other
company will ever show an inbred, degenerate retard poking the back-end of
a partially thawed chicken. No other company will ever show a severely
overweight man shooting all kinds of bodily fluids out of his angry spider and
onto the walls of a public bathroom. It just won’t ever happen! This is gore,
this is Troma.

I have to give major credit to Kaufman and friends for producing such a high-
quality, polished turd. I don’t think there has ever been another movie that
could very well have offended people from every walk of life. From the Arabs,
to the Mexicans, to the lesbians, to the chickens, this film is not for the weak-
at-heart, or the kiddies! I just don’t think that most parents would want to
subject their children, or at least the ones they love, to a film filled with bad
acting, excessive gore, and probably the absolute worst bunch of toob-shots
available. I mean, most of the chicks who popped top in this movie were
either fugly, too skinny, too fat, had those weird-looking banana tits, or
where droobing (that would be the verb of having droobs…to have droobs).
I'm serious, that is a sorry show for the future of our professional female
entertainment industry, and I don’t mean strippers. And yes they’re
strippers, not entertainers. Fred Astaire was an entertainer…strippers are
nasty (and a little Gabriel Iglesias to end the night).

Overall: 7/10
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