Starring: Dominic Purcell, Orlando Jones, Brooke Langton, Jurgen Prochnow,
Gideon Emery

Directed by: Michael Katleman

Story: A news team is sent to South Africa to capture and bring home a
legendary 25-foot crocodile. Their difficult task turns potentially deadly when a
warlord targets them for death.


News reporters, war lords and a giant crocodile (oh my). Let's face it, this isn't
really original. I can name about ten movies that have a plot similar to this one.
We've seen a bunch movies with this kind of story. Does it mean that Primeval
is destined to be a horrible movie because the plot sounds familiar? No. I've
found a lot of repetitive films to be pretty entertaining. Primeval just so
happens to be one of them. Now, hear me out before you start throwing
vegetables in my face. I had very little hopes that this would be any good. I run
a horror website, I get news and information all the time. I'm up to date on
everything. When I first heard about Primeval it was about two weeks before it
was released. This movie came out of nowhere. When word got around that
Primeval would be rushed to a January release instead of its original April date, I
figured that something was wrong. Rushed releases usually aren't a good sign.

I even received emails from people warning me to stay away from this flick. If
our readers are warning us, then something has to be wrong. After seeing
Primeval for myself, I didn't think it was all that bad. The majority of the picture
takes place in South Africa. In one of the most remote places on earth, there is
a bloodthirsty serial killer who has claimed over 300 victims. This killer is
supposedly still at large to this day. Back in the US, producer Tim Manfrey is
told that he has a new task. Tim will be sent to South Africa along with a
cameraman and their rag-tag team of experts. The crew 's job is to capture
and bring home a killer. This killer just so happens to be a legendary 25-foot
crocodile (yeah, it's not going to be pretty). While in South Africa, the team
heads up-river in search of their subject. Their already difficult task turns
potentially deadly when they are targeted by an African warlord.

"Oh my, another movie about a giant crocodile. What were they thinking?" If
you've said this before then I feel for you. I was thinking the exact same thing
when I first read about the movie. Primeval fits very well in the genre of
freakishly large computer generated animals. It ranks up there with Anaconda,
Deep Blue Sea and Lake Placid. The large CGI creature features aren't really
popular. Most of them are actually frowned upon. Luckily for us, Primeval isn't
just about a freak crocodile. In the movie a news team is sent to South Africa
along with a croc expert. They have to capture the crocodile named Gustave,
get some footage and bring them back to the United States. On their journey
they encounter a group of criminals who are working for a warlord named
Gustave (two killers with the same name, how convenient). So there you have
it, a group of Americans are caught in between a civil war in Africa.

This adds more threat to the story, as if there wasn't enough from the giant
crocodile. Primeval is one of those movies that are easily mis-interpreted from
the commercials you see on TV. The trailers and commercials don't tell you
much. In fact the previews seem more like they're advertising a slasher film. It's
far from that, Primeval is more of an homage to Jaws. The biggest problem I
had with Primeval was the script. The movie has poorly written dialog. Some of
it was just painful to hear. There's even a humorous African American who
cracks joke throughout the movie. I just find it hard for a character to make
jokes while their lives are being threatened. Primeval has a lot of humor. It's
been said by hundreds of film makers that humor is a necessity to movies like
this. Humor helps calm an audience down while they're watching a horrific story.
It works most of the time, even in this film.

The problem is that there's way too much humor. Which is why I don't
recommend taking Primeval seriously. It's supposed to be inspired by a true
story, but I have a hard time making out what's real and what's not. I don't
even want to bother doing research. When it was all said and done, I was
surprisingly pleased. The dialog is bad, the story is repetitive, but I had fun
anyways. If you check it out not expecting an "epic story", it can be a little fun.
The acting and computer effects aren't all that bad. The computer animated
gore is even a pleaser. Primeval is far from being an award winning film. I didn't
think it would be any good. I walked in only expecting to kill some time. It has a
bunch of flaws but in the end I found Primeval to be entertaining. I'm not a
hundred percent sure why, but if it were really that bad I wouldn't make this
review fair. Primeval is mindless entertainment at best.

Overall: 6/10
Genres: Horror, Thriller

Rated: R

Country: USA

Year: 2007

Runtime: 93 minutes

Studio: Hollywood Pictures

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