Genres: Horror, Mystery,

Rated: PG-13

Country: USA

Year: 2008

Runtime: 88 minutes

Studio: Newmarket Films

Review done by: Serial McKiller
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Starring: Brittany Snow, Scott Porter, Jessica Stroup, Dana Davis,
Collins Pennie, Kelly Blatz

Director: Nelson McCormick

Synopsis: Donna's senior prom is supposed to be the best night of her
life, though a sadistic killer from her past has different plans for her and
her friends.


The best scene in the entire 85-minutes of "Prom Night" is the long over
head tracking shot of a car moving through a town. Everything after that
moment sinks and sinks and sinks some more. I was not a fan of the
original film, but even that made attempts at scares, jolts and any kind
of actual suspense. Screen Gems remake is just pure PG-13 garbage
that's there for any pre-teen to spend mommy and daddy's money at
because all the older kids can get into see a real horror flick like
Ruins. The set up for "Prom Night" is simple, Brittany Snow plays Donna
who a few years back has had her family murdered by a madman who
was stalking her. Now it's her senior year at a ridiculously swanky hotel
and that madman has escaped and come back for the girl he's obsessed
with. Is he a former student? Well if he is then he must have been held
back till the age of 26.

In fact there's little known about the villain's MO and in the case of a film
like this that's a question that should be answered. It doesn't have
enough things working for it to be able to not answer questions. And like
most horror remakes (both of US and foreign horror films) there's at
least one seasoned actor or actress there to try and be impressive and
that's "28 Weeks Later" and "American Gangster" star Idris Elba as
detective Winn, the man chasing the killer. Now with such a large hotel it
seems as if a lot could have been done involving different floor chases
and a lot of suspenseful hallways and such. But we're
set really only in the ballroom and on the 3rd floor in which the killer is
needlessly stock piling bodies. Which by the way, the killer sports a black
baseball cap and brown blazer.

He looks like a corporate exec who's been a on bender for a week and is
stopping by the corner store to pick up another handle of Captain
Morgan. I'm not sure who thought this guy looked scary or mysterious.
Snow who played the air-headed priss in "Hairspray" pretty much seems
like a standard teen girl. She's not slutty or all that preppy, but she's
there. Much like 90% of all slasher film leads. Well in this case "slasher"
film. There's so little hack or slash that it's barely qualifies. I think the
couple of pluses I can give "Prom Night" is that instead of remaking a
crappy Japanese film, someone decided to remake a crappy American
80's film. So it didn't involve sitting through another film with lame ghost
popping in and out of frame. But instead I had a guy that looked like
he'd just gotten off from work on a Friday, silently moving dead bodies
while people are in the same room and hiding in closets.

It's just astonishingly weak. And the saddest part is knowing how much
money this piece of dreck will probably make as opposed to really
engrossing films that are out or coming soon that are struggling. I used
to question the docking of ratings and the lack of new and original pieces
coming out, but now I don't. Every time you buy more and more tickets
to "One Missed Call" or "Shutter" or "Prom Night" you're pretty much
setting up funding for yet another piss poor remake that has no sense
of style, substance or suspense. No ticket sales, no future. Well at least
for a while. So let this play like an NBC public service announcement for
those who want better horror cinema. Kids...don't buy to shitty PG-13
crap. Just cause it's offered, doesn't mean you've gotta take it. Cue
multicolored, shooting star graphic.

Overall: 3/10
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