Starring: Corey Feldman, Vanessa Angel, Anton Falk, Danielle Keaton, Silvia

Directed by: Ted Nicolaou

Story: Robert Toulon, The great nephew of puppetmaster creator Andre
Toulon brings the puppets back to life with the help of his daughter. Soon
after they revive the puppets, they are pursued by a mysterious toymaking
company that seeks the Toulons secret formula in order to turn their popular
toys into living killers on christmas morning.


Back when Fullmoon owned the rights to both movie franchises, it was
originally planned that they would make a "Puppet Wars" mini-series back in
the 1990's. Sadly the series idea was scrapped due to insufficient funds. Now
that the Sci-fi Channel holds the right, they aired the "long awaited cinematic
showdown" known as 'Puppet Master Vs. Demonic Toys'. Full Moon had
nothing to do with the project. This is the third film in the Demonic Toys
series and the 9th film in the Puppet Master series. The story takes place
near Christmas eve, in which the Robert Toulon (great nephew of Andre
Toulon) uses the reanimating fluid to revive the puppets we all know and
love. What Toulon didn’t know whas that he was being closely watched by a
huge toy company. The head mistress of this highly popular toy company
Erica Sharpe makes a deal with a demon from hell. The demon is hell bent on
revenge and demands Toulon's blood. So Erica gets help from some well
known Demonic Toys and plots to bring the entire toy line to life to spread
innocent blood on christmas morning. So it's up to Robert and his gang of
puppets to try and stop the evil madness.

Well first I would just like to say that im a big fan of both the Puppet Master
and Demonic Toys movies, even though there were very few Demonic Toys
movies. The last Demonic Toys movie just so happened to be 'Dollman Vs.
Demonic Toys', which was just a big letdown. This movie is actually a letdown
as well. This film was originally planned back in the 90's when Fullmoon
brought up the idea of a mini-series. Well after a long wait the movie finally
got made. Was it worth the wait? My answer would be yes and no. There
were some things that I liked about this movie, but the bad really outweighs
the good. I was mostly disappointed with this film and it was hard for me to
take it seriously. From the characters, to the acting and even down to the
look of the smaller evil characters. The idea of both movie franchises coming
together really caught my attention and even had me pumped up to see it. I
honestly didn't know what to expect and I’m really glad that I wasn't
expecting it to be great or anything fantastic. What I found most
entertaining was the acting from Corey Feldman. I couldn’t help but laugh
most of the time he talked, which was actually most of the movie. I found
myself laughing at the little things that just weren't meant to be funny.

When I first found out that this would premiere on the Sci-Fi channel I knew
right away that the movie would end up being low budget and corny. To no
surprise I was correct. The acting in the film was off and at times the
movements from the puppets looked cheap and fast. I happen to love cheesy
flicks but seeing this film is just as fun as watching time fly by. Seeing the
puppets and demonic toys on screen again was a neat pleasure though, but
seeing them fight was a whole different story. For one the way the puppets
and toys looked were kind of disappointing. I may sound picky for saying this
but each of the puppets and toys used in this film were newly built and
looked different. Its hard to describe the looks but its really noticeable,
especially with the demonic toys. They just seemed to look less scary and evil
(especially the toy bear, he looked more cute than threatening). The other
thing that bothered me is the fact that they used only a few of the well
known dolls in the movie. We get to see the puppets Blade, Pinhead, Chester
and 6 Shooter. As for the evil toys we get to see Oopsidasy (baby doll), the
teddy bear and that crazy Jack in the box. It was nice seeing them in a film
together but I thought all the so called fight scenes were horrible and
embarrassing. It makes sense knowing that this is a low budget feature, so
it's not like you're going to see grade A fight sequences with the best special
effects anyway.

I think it was a smart move to have this film premiere on the Sc-Fi channel.
They really didn't have to cut out much because there is hardly any gore
shown. There is some blood and gore, just not that much. Like a lot of low
budget films this one definitely has its corny moments. Some of them were
positives to me, I had a good laugh watching this movie and I did find some
things entertaining. Sadly I found there to be more negatives than positives.
The story could have been a lot better, but the way everything was put
together was pretty decent. The demonic toy Oopsidasy is a hilarious
character as always, using his ass more than once and saying those funny
lines. That character was one of the highlights for me. The fight sequences
between the puppets and toys were short and lame. You'd figure that they
could've done a much better job with that aspect of the picture, especially
since that's what the movie is based upon. Part of  reason why I wanted to
see this film was to watch all the characters collide in a battle to the death. In
the end I was disappointed with the outcome. Hell at least they gave the
puppets a cyber upgrade, not to mention the DVD is pretty cheap so you can
pick it up for a low price. But even then you really got to think hard about
doing that.

Overall I thought this was a pretty bad movie. But if you don't take it too
seriously then perhaps you will enjoy it more than I did. I honestly just
couldn't take it seriously. The story could've been better, the acting is bad
and I thought it was unimpressive. Sure it's low budget and im usually into
those kind of films, but this one is pretty bad. If you enjoy watching really
corny movies then I definitely recommend checking this out. I'm sure you'll
have a laugh all the way through. If you're a fan of either the Puppet Master
or Demonic Toys movies then you will very disappointed with this film. If you
ever do plan on watching it then just rent it and don't expect anything great
or fancy. Just grab a group of friends, make some popcorn and laugh your
asses off.

Overall: 5/10
Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi,
Comedy, Fantasy, Thriller

Rated: TV-14

Country: USA

Year: 2004

Runtime: 88 minutes

Studio: Anchor Bay


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