Starring: Dennis Albanese, Pete Barker, Bob Connelly, Brandon Despain,
Robert Field, Hannah Friedman

Director: Jason Maran

Synopsis: There exists a secret religious brotherhood dedicated to battling
the forces of evil. Claude wants nothing more than to become a member of
this order. To prove his worth he must find a missing priest. With his faith
as both defense and weapon, Claude embarks on a bizarre and horrifying
quest that will end in a blood-bath of witchcraft, insanity and cannibalism.


Claude is a cherub faced member of the Priests brotherhood but is not yet
a priest. The Brotherhood sends him on a journey to find Father William
and bring him back to them, if he succeeds he will become a full fledged
Priest. After figuring out symbolic clues, he comes across Father William's
apartment and falls asleep on the bed and is awakened by getting the shit
scared out of him by the father himself. Father William was the one eyed
priest wearing a patch over an empty socket while swearing like a truck
driver and talking about getting laid. He actually said he didn't trust a Priest
who never got the taste of a woman before. Claude is constantly verbally
bashed by the Father as he stresses how important it is to always have
your sanctified steel dagger ready for the evil enemy.

They show up at a pregnant woman named Maria's house and are told that
her brother Christopher is possessed by the devil and is plotting to come
there and steal her baby after it is born. She lives with her demented dwarf
of a mother and her slutty Priest crotch grabbing sister Marisa. Things
aren't exactly what they seemed to be after Christopher ties Claude to a
tree and tells him what is really going on. Will Claude make it out of there
alive? What will happen to the innocent child after it is born? There is no
one to trust in this family of freaks that seem to want Claude to stick
around for awhile. Satan's Whip was simply shot and had a slow steady
stroke that pushed forward this tale as it was told. Sometimes you need to
witness the calm before you get to the storm.

Overall: 5/10
Genres: Horror


Country: USA

Year: 2006

Runtime: 94 minutes

Studio: Four Reel Films

Review done by: The Angry Princess
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