Starring: Jennifer Tilly, Redman, Hannah Spearritt, Bill Boyd, Brad Dourif

Directed by: Don Mancini

Story: Following the events of 'Bride of Chucky,' killer dolls Chucky and Tiffany
are now faced with the challenge of raising their child Glen, becoming a family of
killer dolls.


Alright, I’m going to be honest, I am a big fan of the Childs Play series. I think
that they are great horror films, surrounding a very violent man named Charles
Lee Ray. Who so happened to have possessed his soul onto a Good Guy doll
prior to his death. Ever since then, 'Chucky' has been inside of the doll
continuing his murderous ways. When the fourth film 'Bride of Chucky' came
about, it changed the Childs Play series. Giving it more of a comedy tone to it,
but still keeping up the violent formula. Bride of Chucky took the series into a
whole new direction. As for this film, it does the same thing. This new film 'Seed
of Chucky' is the 5th film in the Childs Play series, using the same comedic
formula from 'Bride', but also taking another whole new direction. The story
takes place some years after Bride of Chucky, in which we meet a new
character. The spawn of Chucky himself, 'Glen'. A gender confused doll who
questions himself as to where he came from and who his parents are.

Glen then finds out that a movie is being made based off of the 2 killer dolls
that were apart of a dozen unsolved murders. Glen then travels to Hollywood
and accidentally revives his found parents, Chucky and Tiffany. Much like the
previous films, Chucky and Tiffany create a plan to remove their souls from
their doll bodies onto human subjects. So they go after the actress Jennifer
Tilly, and rapper Redman. Like I said before, this movie takes place sometime
after 'Bride', and most of the film deals with Chucky and Tiffany trying to raise
their child the right way. While Chucky tries to continue the "family tradition",
Tiffany undergoes recovery admitting that both her and Chucky have an
addiction for killing.

First I would like to just say that this has to be one of the weirdest horror films
I have ever seen. This new installment to the Childs Play series is much like
Bride of Chucky, in the sense that its more focused on comedy rather than
scaring the audience. Which of course is a good lesson that we learned from
Bride of Chucky. I mean lets be honest, Chucky hasn't been scary since the
80s. Trying to scare today’s audience with a cool and lovable character, just
wouldn't work out. So this film stuck with the comedic roots. Which is both
good and bad in a way. This movie is down right hilarious. With funny inside
jokes, and great one liners. But although the comedy is great, I still would have
liked for the film to go back to its more violent and dark roots. Also I really
believe that some scenes in this movie were just downright unnecessary. 1
scene in particular involved Chucky, some doll boobs, and an issue of Fangoria
magazine (weird but hilarious).

Some familiar faces (and voices) return in this movie. Brad Dourif does the
voice of the killer Good Guy doll Chucky once again (thank god), the hot
actress Jennifer Tilly not only returns for the voice of Tiffany, but she also plays
herself in the film. Bill Boyd (the hobbit from Lord of the Rings) joins the cast
as the voice of Chucky’s child Glen. Nadia Dina cameos as the teen pop
sensation Britney Spears for about 10 seconds. John Waters, who doesn't love
this guy? He has a great cameo as a celebrity photographer. Also the rapper
Redman, also plays himself in the film. But really, what is it with rap artists and
horror films? We've been seeing that a lot lately, and to me its getting really
annoying. Not to mention Redman’s acting could have been better. In fact the
acting in this movie was a little off period. Some of the acting in the movie really
didn't seem convincing, it seemed rather silly at times and tended to drag for a
bit. Also the music in the film was rather lame.

Instead of having a Rock/Metal soundtrack like Bride of Chucky had, this movie
I believe doesn't even have a soundtrack. Which is very disappointing because I
loved the music in Bride of Chucky. This film had more rap in the background.
But aside from the acting and music, the gore in this film definitely makes up
for it. In fact the gore in this movie was very surprising. Just when I thought
the series had gone soft, it surprises you with nice and cool looking gore. The
decapitations, stabbings and burning flesh really put a big smile to my face.
Although the body count in this movie is rather low, the way the killings looked
were just awesome. But I must warn some of you, this movie isn't for
everybody. If your a fan of the series, then you may enjoy it. But if your not
really into the series, then you may be disappointed.

This isn't the kind of movie to watch for scares, this movie deals more with
comedy and family type issues. But don’t worry, the blood and violence is still
in here. Overall I thought Seed of Chucky was an interesting movie, it could
have been a lot better. Like I said before, if your a fan of the Childs Play
movies, then you will get a kick out of this movie. It takes the series into a new
direction once again. The weird ending even leaves off for another film. But if
your not really a fan of the other movies, then I suggest that you either keep
away from this film, or just watch something else. So needless to say this is my
least favorite in the Childs Play series, but I still enjoyed it for what it was. And
to be honest I still get a kick out of the jokes in the film. I would have given
this movie a 7, but I felt that it was too weird and it could have at least been a
little bit longer.

Overall: 6/10
Genres: Comedy, Crime,

Rated: R

Country: USA

Year: 2004

Runtime: 87 minutes

Studio: Rogue Pictures


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