Starring: Rob Avery, Heather Leigh Davis, Robyn Griggs

Directed by: Rob Avery

Story: Slashers Gone Wild is a movie filled with blood soaked violence! Alicia holds a
contest to see who is the most brutal slasher in America. The slashers try their
best to impress her. Torture, mutilation, cannibalism, amputation, and good old
fashioned chainsaw mayhem await those who dare to watch this movie! See what
happens when rival slashers Kevin Tooler and Rob Thrasher duke it out in the most
bloody slasher battle ever! Find out the secret ingredient in Nursery Rhyme Jack's
family recipe! Watch in horror as Loonitic Rob and the Murder Twins slaughter
helpless drugged up victims on their game show! BEWARE! Slashers Gone Wild has


Don't you just miss the good old days when your teachers would present to you
the idea of recycling? Well I sure as hell don't. Want to see a bunch of killers
running everywhere slaughtering people? Want to see hot naked chicks play with
themselves? Want to see the biggest blood bath of all time? Then what are you
doing here reading this review for. You should know better than that. Didn't your
parents ever teach you a lesson? Well as friendly safe advice to all you kids out
there please be sure to recycle. Because if you don't you just may have crazy
maniacs stalking you as punishment. Why am I saying all this you ask? Well if you
were able to watch the independent film Slashers Gone Wild then you should know
what I'm talking about. Watching these kind of movies get easier and easier for me.
I'm used to seeing low budget movies now and I don't get bothered by the look or
sounds. Mainly I just try to focus on the characters and the story, and if it's good
then I'll enjoy myself.

Stuff with the budget or lighting doesn't bother me too much but it can take your
focus off of everything. You start to drift away and start thinking about other
things rather than focusing on what's going on in the story. That's how a movie
experience should be like and that is when we truly appreciate the art of film and
the impact that it has on our lives. As with the movie I'm reviewing right now it
holds nothing back. Slashers Gone Wild is a simple story in which we fallow a group
of psychotic murderers who run a TV based program show. If you ever wondered
what it would be like if serial killers had their own TV show, then look no further.
Hosted by the creator of Slashers Incorporated Alicia, she holds a contest to find
the most brutal slasher in America. With special guests, hosts and other related
programming we later fallow rival slashers who battle it out to the death to see who
is the deadliest slasher. With a plot like that you would think that the movie would
be really good right? Well it's not perfect and it certainly has its ups and downs.

Which is why it took me quite awhile to come up with the proper rating for this
review. The more I thought about the movie the more I started to remember the
acting. Which just so happens to be the worst part of the movie. But then again
this movie does have great visual blood and gore effects considering it's an
independent feature. The actual plot to this movie is what caught my attention at
first, but then every so often I would start to lose focus and find myself thinking
about other stuff. It's not because of the budget or what the film lacks but it's
some of the acting that really turned me off. In Slashers Gone wild we are
introduced to a good cast of creepy characters. Each have their own personality
traits and ways of killing. Not to mention they all have their own unique segments
on the show. Hell there's even some characters on here who were inspired by none
other than Ed Gein. You can tell from the clothes that they wear and it's very
obvious. Can you really imagine shows like this being run by actual killers? It's a
good story and I believe that the plot is one of the movies best values. If you're
curious as to why it's called Slashers Gone Wild then you really need to see the
commercials that play on this film.

They basically create their own commercials which are horror parodies of those Girls
Gone Wild commercials as well as those generic phone sex hot line TV spots. They
show commercials like that quite a few times in this movie. I'm sure it's meant to be
more funny then serious so I really didn't have a problem with it. As I mentioned
about the characters earlier was that they each had their own traits and
personalities. What I found fascinating was that most of the killers in this movie had
a thing for recycling. Whenever they see someone litter or smoking they would
punish them not with a warning, but with death. A little harsh yes but that's just
how they work. Recycle or die is the tag line of the entire thing. What the film also
has are great make up effects. I've seen a ton of independent films but this one has
really impressive blood and gore for it's budget. The gore is just one of the things
that I found to be really positive about this movie.

The blood and gore factor is great but that doesn't save the entire movie. Like I
said before the acting really bothered me. I know that it's an independent film so
I'm not expecting top notch grade A acting but some of the scenes in this movie
just turned me off. It's not like that through the whole movie but just from some
of the characters and how they are portrayed it gets pretty irritating. With that said
there wasn't much else that bothered me. I have mixed feelings about this movie.
Although I did like the story and the idea of having these character run their own
show I felt that I could have been done better. The gore effects are some of the
best I've seen coming from an independent film, but even that wasn't enough to
keep my full attention on it. The acting really bothered me in some parts and it was
just hard to keep focused on it. If you're into movies like this then you just may
find Slashers Gone Wild to be entertaining. I enjoyed it for what it was but I can't
help but have mixed feelings for it.

I can't really decide if the good outweighs the bad so I'm just going to keep it fair
with a mixed rating. If you're into down and dirty independent films then by all
means check it out if you're curious. The story is neat and the gore effects are
great, but that's just all there is to it. The acting bothered me and the rest of it is
pretty decent. If they had a second part to this I wouldn't mind checking it out. The
way the film starts is if there were going to be more volumes in the near future. So
who knows maybe I'll get to see more of killers doing their jobs to keep the planet
nice and clean. If you're into this kind of stuff then check out Slashers Gone Wild.
It's not a movie I highly recommend but you could just watch it for the hell of it.
Just remember kids, recycle or DIE.

Overall: 5/10
Genres: Horror

Rated: Not Rated

Country: USA

Year: 2006


Studio: World Parody
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