Directed by: David Quitmeyer

Starring: Caroline Pierce, Robert Williams, Jewels Mackenzie, Travis Lee, Albin
Kinsey, Gabe Messer, Ashley Rees, Chris Spoto, Pete Arnold , Craig Curlee,
Roger Gobin, Kristen Quitmeyer.

Story: Mike loves porn. Unfortunately he is blinded by his addiction to XXX
entertainment as it slowly eats away at every aspect of his life. One day a
mysterious DVD arrives in the mail and Mike quickly begins to realize there is a
much darker side to the world of adult entertainment. Bondage, Murder, Self-
Mutilation, Cannibalism, Necrophilia - these are just the icing on the cake of this
journey into Hell.


If I could talk about this film only using one word I would have to say WOW.
This movie sure caught me off guard and boy am I happy as hell. Not too long
ago I got to talk with a mysterious friend and she told us about a film called
Slaughter Disc, an independent XXX/Horror flick. Well thanks to her we received
a copy of the movie. Not knowing what to expect we got to watch the movie
and it easily went into our list of top favorites. Slaughter Disc surrounds a
character named Mike (a guy who just loves porn). After an argument with his
girlfriend Carrie, Mike is left by himself with hurt nuts and a steady job. Oh and
he's left alone with his pleasurable "entertainment". During a visit to the video
store Mike bumps into a magazine which features a video vixen named
Andromeda Strange on the front cover. Curious about the lady and her bloody
reputation, Mike purchases one of her movies online and soon discovers that he’
s in for more than what he paid for.

I enjoyed this movie a lot for many different reasons. The first thing I have to
mention is the acting. The acting in this film is really good and I didn't have a
problem with the dialog. I thought everything was well written and acted. But
overall I must tip my hat off to actress Caroline Pierce. She seemed like she was
born for the lead role and man did she put on a great performance. Her acting
is great, I'll admit that. Pierce puts on a wicked sense of humor that really
brought a sense of danger in her role. What I also liked in the movie was the
blood and gore. This is obviously a pornographic movie, but if you thought it
would be just sex sex sex, then you're dead wrong. Basically it's an adult
horror film with an anti-pornography message attached to it. Slaughter Disc
features plenty of blood dripping. Mixing up sex and blood was a great idea.
The violence in this movie was pretty good, especially since it is a low budget
picture. If you're a gore hound like me then you will be pleased with what
Slaughter Disc has to offer.

Overall I found this movie to be very entertaining. I liked the story a lot and it's
not like anything we've seen before. The plot may not sound original but when
you watch it it's actually very surprising. It's different and much better than all
the "remake" announcements we've been getting lately. We see too much of
that in our mainstream media. This movie catches you off guard with all the sex
and gory death scenes. Even the music in the movie was great. The score is
really good and it gets creepy in parts. It seemed like the movie was put
together just right. This Unrated Directors Cut DVD also comes with good
special features. Of course there's the behind the scenes featurette, photo
gallery, outtakes and much more. If you purchase this movie you will not feel
cheated. I enjoyed just about everything in this movie and I highly recommend
purchasing it. Just be sure to catch the cameo by director David Quitmeyer, it's
not hard to miss.

This is one of the best independent horror movies I've ever seen. This was
such a great movie. I enjoyed it a lot, especially the cool ending that comes up
after the credits. The acting is good, the music is creepy and the XXX action is
wickedly cool. The blood and gore factor doesn't disappoint either. There are no
dull or pointless scenes in this movie. From start to finish its a great ride filled
with sex, gore and everything in between. I definitely recommend purchasing
this movie, it's one of my new favorite DVDs. I' sure most of you will enjoy it as
much as I have. I mean think about, porn mixed with horror? You can't go
wrong. You'd be crazy not to enjoy it.

Overall: 7/10
Genres: Independent Horror

Rated: XXX

Country: USA

Year: 2005

Runtime: 90 minutes

Studio: Steel Web Studios


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