Starring: Gabe Strachota, Kate Delaney, Gary Pearson, Lauren Wood

Director: Caleb Allen

Synopsis: The Grim Reaper himself, a conniving little twit who bears
more than a slight resemblance to a raging erection, owns a booking
business where the deceased can bet their luck on who s kicking the can
next on Earth. To cover his tail from a huge debt, Death resurrects three
disgruntled zombies, while two nit-wit teens get caught up in his
mayhem and become pawns in this chop em up thriller


This has to be one of the goofiest movies I have ever seen in my life, yet
I couldn't stop watching it. In the movie two guys are about to be
evicted from their apartment for being total slacks and not keeping up
with the rent. As they sit there on the couch staring at the TV screen a
commercial comes on and urges them to place a bet on a fight between
the thugs and the dead kids. Pongo and his best bud Sheba drive out to
the grave yard to have a whack at the wedgie board and dig up some
graves. They debate back and forth then finally open one of the caskets
to find Ivan, who bolts out and steals their car. As Pongo argues to his
alter personality Amy they hear something creeping among the trees and
it is another dead kid named Sam. Suddenly the world is fucked up and
these crazy portals are opening and the dead are back among the living
trying to survive.

Will the two guys win some cash and get their apartment back? Burt the
king of shit will be deveined in public if the dead kids lose while trying to
kill the thugs. His red ass is the weirdest thing in this whole movie, is he
the devil or just some smuck? Now, honestly this film is just plain
ridiculous with a bunch of freaks for characters yet my eyes kept looking
so maybe yours will too. I will say there are some pretty cool gory scenes
in it that make it worth while, well that and Sheba trying to resurrect her
dead friend. You'll laugh, you'll scratch your head and say "Am I really
watching this shit?" Maybe you'll turn it off, but this is all something
when I can't bet on what your actions will be...I know I'll lose.

Overall: 5/10
Genres: Horror

Rated: Not Rated

Country: USA

Year: 2007

Runtime: 84 minutes

Studio: Majical Lobsters

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