Starring: Lindsay Dell, Brian Austin Jr, Steve McDougall, Allan Bezanson

Director: Al Randall

Synopsis: Out of gas on a dark country road and forced to seek help at
a farmhouse, five teenagers on their way to a rock concert step into a
nightmare as they're hunted by a twisted killer with an ax.


What happens when a quiet, seemingly well mannered Teacher who used
to serve his time as captain in the Army becomes depressed and
miserable with his life after a divorce and other odd problems- he snaps
like a twig in a thunder storm! Don Kellar has been doing a really shitty
job at teaching lately and he can't keep the kids interested in what he is
saying- his class is a flat out joke. The Principal is fed up so she decides
to stick Don on the Saturday night detention duty where he is stuck
being a bunch of pecker heads baby sitter. After being there not even a
full 20 minutes, he loses it and its game on. You can tell the people who
made this movie were big Breakfast Club fans one of the characters
named Denise even looks like the basket case Ally Sheedy played.

They have the jock, nerd and princess also that are all stuck in this
detention and guess what their assignment is? They have to write an
essay- the similarities don't end there but I don't want to tell you
everything because I hate reading reviews that tell everything about the
movie or  them having spoilers to ruin it for you. At first I didn't think I
was going to enjoy it but then things got going and it was cool. The kids
are being hunted down like prey in the halls of their school and are locked
in for their protection incase someone tried to get in and cause harm. I
guess you just never figure a teacher of yours is going to go postal and
now the poor kids have no means to escape. The chase scenes reminded
me of Prom Night-not as intense but still enough to give you that
desperate feeling!

Overall: 5/10
Genres: Horror

Rated: R

Country: USA

Year: 2006

Runtime: 80 minutes

Studio: Rigtown Pictures


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