Starring: Caroline Pierce, Corey Foxx, Vanessa Mitchell, Alicia Randolph,
Craig Curlee, Colleen Roum

Director: David Quitmeyer

Synopsis: The Carnal Morgue presents its first DVD collection of short
films. Each story is presented in the original Director's Cut with all of the
macabre goodies thrown in. Featuring the horror shorts Mail Order Bride,
Mr. Buttons and Sustenance.


Tales from the Carnal Morgue are told with three quirky stories that will
leave you wondering where do they come up with this crazy shit? Since I
love to try new things I was excited to get this DVD to feast my eyes on;
plus you get three movies for the price of one. I have never been lucky
enough to see a Steel Web studios flick so I was really looking forward to
it. I heard how like Eric Stanze they like to push the limits and bring back
shock value to the over eager public. The first story was called Mail Order
Bride. Steve is this pansy ass nerd that couldn't get laid even if he paid
someone. At work he is searching on the computer trying to meet women.
He meets up for dinner with one of them and quickly discovers that this
chick used to have an appendage hanging from her legs before his life
changing surgery.

This encounter was the last drawl so Steve orders his own PC 2000
Personal Concubine. How could anything possibly go wrong with this
strange new relationship, it's a match made in heaven...right? Mr. Buttons
to me was the best story on here. When Kelly receives a special birthday
package just for her everyone assumes it was from grand mom so they
bring it inside where she opens it to find a stinky strange rag doll. See
Kelly's daddy couldn't keep his dick in his pants so the young girl Crystal
whose heart he tragically broke casts a spell on the doll while sewing an
extra special piece of herself inside. Mr. Buttons has the power to grant
ones wishes but the consequences people suffer afterward are unbearable.

Sustenance was about a bout a snooty bitch named Victoria who is not
satisfied with her weight so she goes to the doctor to discuss lipo or
whatever it was to get rid of it. He tells her of their very responsive new
program where after the surgery you are in isolation to recover and there
will be remarkable results to greet her when she is all through. While
growing lonely and restless in this bright white room she slowly starts to
lose her composure and her mind. It’s another vain lady on the ultimate
beauty quest, only this one gets way more than she bargains for.

Overall: 6/10
Genres: Short, Horror

Rated: Unrated

Country: USA

Year: 2007

Runtime: 90 minutes

Studio: Steel Web Studios

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