Starring: Marcus D. Shelby, April Potter, Sheila McClay, Anthony Falcon, Megan
Sinclair, Krystle Ferrin, Ryan Pratton, Julian Ortiz, Aimee Sapp, John Geckler

Directed by: Greg William Stechman

Story: Based on true events, the story revolves around the murder and
subsequent investigation of four women in Northern California in the late 1990's.


I just love television. Those crime programs on TV really catch my attention, much
like the evening news where you get to learn about all the crime and murders. All
the darkness that plagues our existence. Violence is all over TV and out in the real
world. You hear stories all the time about murders in local cities. Murders rapes,
robberies, it's all over the local news stations. Sometimes these murders fallow a
certain pattern, and the sick individuals behind them target specific groups of
people. The movie that I am reviewing fallows events similar to this, very similar. In
fact way too similar for comfort. The film that I am talking about is called This Hallow
Sacrament. I wanted to start off this review by saying that the version of the movie
I watched isn't the final cut. The review that you are reading right now is for the
complete screener cut of This Hollow Sacrament (Threading Over Dark). I wont be
going too much into the technical aspects of the movie as I would do in a normal
movie review. The version of the film I watched is good, so hold on to your seats
ladies and gentlemen. This is an early review to a really good independent film. I'm
taking my time to give you a heads up on whats in store for you, the viewer. This is
a movie I really recommend checking out once it's available. This Hollow Sacrament
is a well made movie with a good story and a great cast of actors.

This Hollow Sacrament is a story based on true events. We follow a detective who is
investigating some local Sacramento murders, in which four women have fallen
victim to a brutal killer. The movie goes deep into the investigation and mystery
behind these grisly events. It's hard for me to imagine that this movie is based on
true events. The things that take place in This Hollow Sacrament isn't nice at all.
You can call it tragic, I call it good clean fun. Remember kids, this is only a movie,
right? Murder is no joke and this movie does a great job of bringing us that sense
of realism to the screen. I've seen plenty of top budgeted crime thrillers that have
never dared to attempt what this film has done. This Hollow Sacrament has a good
story that plays very well on film. It's strongly supported by a great cast of actors
who do their job very well. It's very realistic and if you asked for my personal
opinion I would say that this is a work of art. The look of the movie is great and the
crew behind it did a very good job. It's a well made movie thats both powerful and
imaginative. I've seen tons of independent features and most of them don't look as
good as this. The look of the movie is great and its well put together. I was very
impressed with the look and feel of the movie.

What I was also impressed with was the level of blood and gore the movie had. I
mentioned earlier about those big budgeted crime thriller, none of them can really
compare to this. The violence factor of the movie is pretty intense and eye catchy.
You would be crazy not to enjoy blood and gore in a film like this, especially when
you know that its based on true events. The make up effects work and it helps
build that sense of realism. This movie actually dares to show you the process of
the torture and murder that these poor individuals have to go through. Mix all of
this with relaxing orchestral music and you have yourself a movie that both disturb
and make your stomach turn. Of all the aspects of the movie nothing impressed me
more than the acting. The casting is near perfect and every actor fits their character
very well. I was most impressed with how well everything was portrayed. The
acting, the murders and the story all made sense.

Like most other movies, this one isn't perfect. As much as I enjoyed it I couldn't
help but feel that something was missing. Luckily when it was all over I was very
happy to have seen it. There is a mystery to the story and as you go along you
understand other parts of it more. My best advice is to pay close attention to the
story, because it may come back to kick you in the nuts later. If you drift away even
for a minute you may miss an important detail or two. Not to mention there are
some flash back bits thrown in the mix. The movie runs as a good mystery and the
plot twists are a real slap in the face. The imagery in the movie is great and it easily
catches that sense of realism. Which is exactly why I liked it so much, it looked and
felt very realistic. That's pretty rare when it comes to movies of this genre. Any
horror movie that can do that to a viewer has nothing but respect in my book. This
Hollow Sacrament isn't silly or over the top, its a down and dirty horror film that I
would easily recommend for every movie buff. It has plenty of mystery, gore and
chills to satisfy any fellow horror viewer.

Overall: 7/10
Genre: Horror


Country: USA

Year: 2006

Runtime: 89 minutes


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