Starring: Shaun Hayton, Craig Brown, Amanda Louise Jesson

Director: Craig Brown, Shaun Hayton

Synopsis: Out of gas on a dark country road and forced to seek help at a
farmhouse, five teenagers on their way to a rock concert step into a
nightmare as they're hunted by a twisted killer with an ax.


Twisted View is just that...twisted. I sat there in awe the whole time
thinking "This is great!" The film only lasts about five minutes but it'll be
one of the best ways to enjoy this enthralling look at a hidden relationship
that went sour. One man had promised the world and instead of fulfilling
that promise he strung them along until it became unbearable to that
person. He was obviously in a hot spot for something he did wrong as the
person filming says he is going to tell everything he has done. Then a
sudden shift of events occur and the camera changes hands while the one
who was filming lies bloody on the floor. The man is shocked and can't
believe what he's done and is desperately trying to figure out what to do
next when the wife walks in an see's her hubby is motionless on the floor
with some man standing there.

Strolling in her house she is forced to face this man head on and things
turn for the worse. The victims lie motionless as the Killer goes thru a wide
range of emotions- one minute he is sorry and then the next he is pissed
off and rationalized the whole situation as being the other ones fault and
he deserves everything he got for breaking and lying to a heart.  Would I
recommend this to anyone...most definitely. It's exciting drawing you in
with its drama while also having the killer talk one on one to the cam as he
is clearing losing his mind from realization of the horrible things he has just
done. The last scene with him in the woods was the best. He buries the
bodies and gets in his car to leave when the unexpected happens leaving
you with hope that this man will make more films!

Overall: 7/10
Genres: Horror



Year: 2007

Runtime: 5 minutes

Studio: Reach For the
Dream Films

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