Starring: Tak Sakaguchi, Hideo Sakaki, Chieko Misaka, Kenji Matsuda, Yuichiro
Arai, Minoru Matsumoto, Kazuhito Ohba, Takehiro Katayama

Directed by: Ryuhei Kitamura

Story: A couple of criminals escape from a maximum security prison, only to
end up fighting for their lives against a group of gangsters and zombies in the
Forest of Resurrection.


It seems that in todays world of horror, Foreign films are very popular. Thanks
to boosted sales on DVD, we get to see most of the popular cult classics from
other countreies. Fans even go as far to ordering bootleg copies of movies that
are not yet released in the US. This just shows you that there's more to the
genre then your typical PG-13 thriller. We've seen a lot of that recently, and
we're sick and tired of it. Luckily, this is an awesome alternative. Asian horror
films, they all offer something. Whether if it's scares or a good story, there's
always something for everyone. With dozens of new releases on DVD, we get
to check out the great films that entertained audiences around the world. Right
now I'm reviewing a very cool film that's popular amongst Japanese horror
fans. It's an action packed movie called Versus. Versus is an action based
horror film that has just about everything. Its got action, violence, and a good
yet complicated story. It also has a nice mixture of humor and slapstick, which
makes it a lot of fun.

Try picturing John Wu style action with tons of fighting, gore and kung fu
zombies. Yes I did said kung fu zombies, your mind isn't playing any tricks on
you. As cheesy as it may sound, it actually works, and not in that "so bad its
good" kind of way. The film is about a pair of escaped convicts who eventually
meet up with a group of gangsters near a forest road. It turns out that the
gangsters have a woman hostage; the guns are drawn and it's a stand off. In
an argument over the girl, shots are fired and one of the gangsters is killed.
Not knowing that the land they are on is called the forest of resurrection, the
dead gangster rises up as a walking corpse. Everybody turns their attention to
the zombie and shoots the hell out it. That's when the group finds out that the
land is actually what's causing the dead to come back to life. There is a lot more
to the story, a whole lot, but I don't want to ruin anything. Its tough to
explain, there's so much that goes on in this film. It's something you have to
see it for yourself.

For an action based horror film, it's got everything. There are tons of action
sequences in this movie which should be enough to please any hardcore viewer.
There's a lot of fight which involve gun battles, fist fights and zombie gore. If
you love action based horror like I do, then you'll drool over the contents of
this of movie. Normally when I think of zombies, I picture the walking dead. The
ones you see in George Romero's movies. The zombies in Versus aren't your
typical braindead. The zombies in this movie actually fight. The undead get into
the action. Not only do they shoot with guns, but they also get into fist fights
with the characters who are fighting for survival. Actually it's not really survival
considering that they're having a fun time doing it. There really isn't much of an
explanation as to why or how the zombies do what they, there's so much
about the movie that raises questions.

The movie itself is very well paced and directed. Like other movies with a large
story, Versus has its slow moment where they explain the plot and the reason
behind everything happening in the film. At times it can get confusing, but it's
not much of a problem. Everything in the film is explained, just not in simple
details. So be sure to keep focused and pay attention to all the dialogue.
Otherwise you'll be left confused and not enjoy the movie as much. The action
and gore alone should be enough to keep you thirsty for more. This movie is
very violent, it doesn't shy away from the blood and gore at all. In fact it's
loaded with blood and gore. Even the humor in Versus is remarkable. The
slapstick is funny and doesn't go over the top. The characters in the movie are
great. Each of them have their own brand of humor. What's also great about
the movie is the ending. I wont ruin it for you, but trust me when I say that the
twist at the end is definitely worth it.

Overall, Versus is a great movie. If you're looking for something entertaining,
then look no further. This is a cult favorite that never ceases to amuse me. It's
entertaining from start to finish. The action and blood just never seem to stop.
If you ever go out shopping for a new movie, and you see this one lying on the
shelf, pick it up and buy it. It's a great movie, take my word for it. The plot is
pretty complicated and it may have you a little confused. If you have to give it a
second viewing in order to get everything then please do so, you won't be
disappointed. The more you get into it the more it'll make sense. What's not to
love about this movie. Action, blood, gore, zombies, it's a recipe for success.
This is one movie that I'll never get tired of watching. Versus is an example of
what an Action-Horror film should be.

Overall: 9/10
Genres: Action, Comedy,
Fantasy, Horror

Rated: Unrated

Country: Japan

Year: 2000

Runtime: 119 minutes

Studio: Tokyo Shock


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