Genres: Horror

Rated: Unrated

Country: USA

Year: 2007


Studio: Chainsaw Mafia

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Review done by:  Miss Misery
Online since: February 20th, 2006
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Directors: Reyna Young, Sallie Smith, Shannon Lark, Michelle Fatale,
Victoria Waghorn, Heidi Martinuzzi, Leslie Delano, Brandy Rainey, Amber

Synopsis: VISCERA 2007 brings together the work of 8 women horror
filmmakers, creating over an hours worth of nine short films ranging from
30 seconds to 20 minutes


The Viscera Film Festival brings together the work of 8 women horror
filmmakers. Each with their own unique style and twist, creating over an
hours worth of nine short films ranging from 30 seconds to 20 minutes.
It’s not every day a woman enters a Film Festival that’s dedicated to
helping out women in horror. So as soon as I found out about it, I
jumped at it. I feel that an all women film festival is a nice step toward
finding fresh female director’s and helping out other females in the horror
genre get their name and their twisted thoughts out to the world. Like I
always say, us sick and twisted females need to stick together, especially
in a male dominated genre. First we start off with the women only
production section which consists of "I’m a little Teapot" by Sallie Smith
in which a girl is standing with a bag over her head and singing “I’m a
Little Teapot” until she gets shot. I admit I jumped!

I also had the song stuck in my head for the rest of the day. It's short,
but definitely affected me. Worth watching and well done. "It’s My
Birthday" by Shannon lark is about a crazed woman going on a killing
spree at her birthday party. Makes me think twice about going to any of
her future birthday party’s. No I'm just kidding! Shannon is a very
talented and great actress. It's My Birthday is another great short on the
DVD. Next comes "Out Of Print" by Reyna Young, winner of the Viscera
Award. A black and white short going straight to the killing scene. With
creepy music and a clown like robot putting down her axe right into the
victim tied up in her bed. A beautiful piece of killing art. Michelle Fatale’s
"The Cleaner" is a well done 20 minute short about a woman who’s
obsessed over cleaning.

She finds out her husband is cheating on her and then to top it all off
she finds out she had a miscarriage. Revenge upon a man who did you
wrong is always fun to watch. A must see for all! Then there’s "Snake
Pit" by Brandy Rainey, an old school type horror short with a great twist
ending. "Wretched" by Heidi Martinuzzi and Leslie Delano, is a story most
women can relate to when it comes to eating disorders. A scary flick for
me to watch considering the fact that I've had eating problems, it's a
true horror within women today. Now that’s Scary! "When Sally Met
Frank" by Victoria Waghorn is a beautifully done short about blood
wrenching plastic surgery. Watching this short made me think twice
about having any kind of surgery. It's very well done with the realistic
look. I would love to see more from Victoria Waghorn.

Then we have "Brains" by Amber Steele and Shannon Lark. A music video
spoof off of Liam Sullivan’s “Kelly Likes Shoes”. Great color, great video
arrangement, fun acting and fun to watch. The Living Dead Girlz show
again what hot zombies are made of. All these beautiful women put
together their most creative and awesome horror shorts from the depths
of their screwed up minds. What more can you ask for? Even though
they were all low budget, I cannot wait for more from all these up and
coming women film makers. It’s nice to see women taking on the genre
all their own. I was very impressed with all the unique films, and hope
this film fest goes even further in the future for all women who crave this
kind of stuff.

To all of the directors, producers, and actress’s of all the shorts, I just
have to say I enjoyed your work and cannot wait to see more from each
of you. Thank you for sharing and thank you for keeping the horror
genre alive. Now that you know a little about each film, lets talk about
what's on the DVD (which is available through the Chainsaw Mafia
website). The DVD includes all the short films mentioned, director bios
and a photo gallery. Independent women in horror are making their way
through, it’s our time to shine now. It’s our time to show the boys what
cute little girls are made of. Blood and guts!

Overall: 9/10
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