Director: Ryan Schaddelee

Starring: Chad Augustin, Colin McCarty, Chad Nordling

Story: The dead walk the earth, and two guys hole up in an abandoned
house to escape the rather listless zombies meandering through the streets.
But they start to get hungry, and goofy, bloody hijinks ensue.


This is one of the better short films I've seen so far. Made by the same guy
who did 'Scream Like A Girl', Zombie Chomp is about a group of guys who
try to run and hide during a zombie outbreak. With a herd of undead chasing
after them, three men runs for their lives. When one of the guys fall the
other two run off and hide in a house. While one of the guys hides out and
locks himself in the basement, the other has to stay on the first floor to fend
for himself. Locking out the undead and boarding up the house. In a funny
twist the man in the basement has all of the food, while the man upstairs is
starving and has to find a way to stay alive. As the films title says the man
upstairs comes up with a plan to eat, feeding off of zombies for a little flesh
eating of his own.

This was a very interesting concept. We've seen tons of films involving
zombie outbreaks and characters doing what they can to live and fight off the
apocalypse. With this short films it's different, blending in humor while giving
you what you love about zombie pictures. I liked the story and the whole
concept of a man staving while the other is living peacefully with too much
food not worrying about anything. I thought it was both clever and genius.
It's a funny and cool plot which seemed to work out well. I got a few laughs
from this movie. Much like Scream Like A Girl this film also seems to have a
pretty low budget. This film isn't in black and white and it does feature some
very cool zombie effects.

Overall I thought Zombie Chomp was a pretty cool short. I honestly liked it
better than Scream Like A Girl. Zombie Chomp has more laughs, a good plot
and a very interesting turn out. The concept is pretty cool and all the zombie
effects are pretty good for a low budget short. If you're into zombie
comedies then I’m sure you'll enjoy Zombie Chomp. Sure it's not the best
short out there but I liked it for what it was. Its a fun and clever piece of

Overall: 6/10
Genres: Independent

Rated: Not Rated

Country: USA

Year: 2006

Runtime: 26 minutes

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Review done by: Nightmare Child
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