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Plot: On Day 1, Joshua Licet wakes up to discover his wife gone and a note stating if he
ever wants to see her alive he needs to open the box in front of him. The box contains
the story and rules for what will be the greatest puzzle ever pieced together. 99 Pieces is
the story of one man who must lock himself in a house for forty-days and forty-nights
while he discovers how his life of lies turns into a puzzle. However he needs to work fast,
because slowly, electricity, food, water and eventually his wife will be taken away if he
doesn't figure it out fast enough.

Cast: Anthony Falcon, April Potter, Lauren Delong, Marcus Shelby, Jason Spence, Richard

Director: Anthony Falcon

Writer: Anthony Falcon

Official Site:

Release Date: December 23, 2008 (DVD release date)






The Micro budget thriller 99 PIECES, which took home 5 award nominations, 10 Official
Selections and a great deal of critic praise, comes
out on DVD December 23rd, 2008.
Vanguard Cinemas (The guys who brought you such awesome films as “Sling Blade” with
Billy Bob Thorton.) picked up the film made by first time feature director Anthony Falcon,
for distribution. Releasing two days before Christmas, the DVD contains a few killer audio
tracks including “Endings Are Beginnings” and “Stepping Stone” by the hit artist AM, “Walk
Away” by the popular Jay Nash and two tracks by new artist September Forever. Plus the
DVD comes packed with bonus content; such features as Filmmaker Commentary, the
Teaser and Theatrical Trailer, a 10 Minute Documentary Making an Ultra Low Budget Horror
Film (with inside info on the secrets of shooting and creating some of the scenes and gore
for “99 Pieces”,) and a special treat this holiday season with one of Falcon’s early short
films, “Quin’s Run”.

Falcon chose this short for the DVD release because it ties into to his latest feature film,
“Diary of Michael Richard Paul”. “Diary” which is being portrayed as the most twisted love
story ever, is a “psychological romance” blending a real life relationship through home
video, with fictional feature film footage. The story revolving around a man who has
recently been struck with the loss of his wife, dedicates the next year to having no human
contact and remembering her. Yet as the months progress, the character of Michael finds
himself slowly losing sanity as he develops multiple personalities. Falcon’s second feature
“Diary of Michael Richard Paul” was made during the writer’s strike with no script or

The film just released a Red-Band Theatrical Trailer for the new film and 4 Behind The
Scenes Videos for the film including” Behind the Story of the Diary”, “A Film Without A
Script”, “A Solo Project” and “Blending Reality with Film”. Check out the official myspace
sites for both films for video, behind the scenes, trailers and the most up to date info.


We just received word that Anthony Falcon’s first feature film 99 PIECES was recently was
picked up for distribution by Vanguard Cinema, and will be coming out to DVD with a few
major additions to the film; including the killer tracks “Endings Are Beginnings” and
“Stepping Stone” by the hit artist AM, “Walk Away” by the popular Jay Nash and two
tracks by new artist September Forever. Further specs for the DVD release have yet to be
revealed. 99 PIECES took home 5 Award Nominations and 10 Official Selections Nationwide
before being picked up by Vanguard. Now, days after the signing, Falcon has unveiled his
next masterpiece, which he’s trying to keep hush-hush for the time being. He has promised
three things of the film, which will blow your mind. Due to the Hollywood strikes, the film
contains no script, treatment, or guidelines; the entire project is improv.

The film will contain a mixture of cinematic scenes and real life actual home video footage.
Falcon’s goal to give the sense of realism blending the actual home video footage with a
filmed make-believe psychopathic love story. THE DIARY OF MICHAEL RICHARD PAUL will
redefine the term INDEPENDENT FILM. Falcon has called it a solo project – literally – a
project of one. Although not much has been released about the film, Falcon did give this
“At this point, all I will say about the story is this –“The Diary of Michael
Richard Paul” deals with a man’s struggle with solitude, loss of love, and the effect
physical contact and affection (or lack there of) will have on a man. If you look deep
enough into the title, the answers about the film are all included. This is a love story at
its heart, but it’s such a dark love story. It will take you to the depths of hell before you
find anything redeeming.”

The film, which wrapped a nine-month shooting schedule last week, goes into post to be
released to festivals at the close of ’08. Falcon finished by saying,
"I think it’s important
to make a film like this, to show film at its heart. We need to go beyond the calamity of
BS and get back to why people made film in the first place…to experiment with new ideas
and new technologies…to express our inner thoughts and demons, and to create art –


After almost a year since it’s wrap, Falcons Productions 99 PIECES has a busy Halloween
season lined up. Since it’s completion in January, the film has already taken home the
award for Best Horror Film of the Year by the Bare Bones International Film Festival and an
Official Selection at the Independent Features Film Festival at the world famous Tribeca
Cinemas in NYC. Now with the dark season around the corner 99 PIECES has finally taken
the nation by storm. The first weekend in October (Oct 7th, – 8pm) marks the Third
Official Selection at the Shriekfest Horror Film Festival in Hollywood, CA, where the film
screens for audiences at the beautiful Chaplin Theatre located inside Raleigh Studios, the
longest continuously operating studio in the country. The second weekend in October (Oct
14th – 5:30pm) marks the Fourth Official Selection for the film, which screens at the
Spooky Movie Film Festival in Washington D.C. Spooky Movie calls the film Claustrophobic,
intense with superb acting and direction.

Following up in D.C, the third weekend in October (October 19th and 20th) the film
receives it’s Fifth Official Selection in Tampa Florida at the 5th Annual Halloween Horror
Picture Show which will be held among a special Halloween treat for guest because the
festival is now part of an annual Halloweenapalooza; a weekend filled with films, tricks,
treating, games and much more. Taking a break for a few weeks until the second weekend
in November (November 16th-18th) 99 PIECES takes the honored spot among many other
great films with it’s Sixth Official Selection at the After Dark Films and Bloody-Disgusting
Horror Hound Weekend in Indianapolis. In it’s second year the festival contains more than
25 guests ranging from John Landis to Gunnar Hansen. Finishing up it’s festival run,
Writer/Director/Star - Anthony Falcon will be attending the coveted Beloit International
Film Festival running January 17th-20th 2008. The Beloit Festival will mark the Seventh
Official Selection for the film 99 PIECES.

The Beloit festival has been called, “One of the four alternatives to Sundance”, by the
New York Times as well as “a must see event” and “the next big thing” by Movie Maker
Magazine. 99 PIECES tells the story of Joshua Licet who must lock board himself in his
home for 40 days and nights while he must live through the loss of food, water, electricity
and much more, while discovering a puzzle of lies and deception about himself, his wife
and his family. Falcon recently said, “the press, screenings and acclaim that “99 Pieces” is
taking home shows you it’s not all about the body count and bloodshed; a quality
audience still loves a good story as much as a dead body. As long as people continue to
watch, I’ll keep giving them more story and twist than bloodshed and bodies.” Falcon who
just relocated to LA has hooked up with one of LA’s biggest agencies - CAA (Creative
Artist Agency) to cook up some brand new Horror for the coming year.


The feature film 99 PIECES (review) is picking up pace as the public and press are starting
to uncover the puzzle. Released a few months ago to festivals, 99 PIECES and
writer/director Anthony Falcon haven’t slowed down a bit. Taking in two fabulous reviews,
a couple nominations and a prize award that would leave any Horror Filmmaker with an evil
grin, Falcon is riding the wave of excitement as 99 PIECES makes it’s way to New York
City this month. The plot revolving around a man given the choice to lock himself in his
own home for forty-days in order to uncover a puzzle that will find him a connection to 4
men he does not know took home a nomination for Best Actor in a Feature Film for Falcon;
a nomination for Film Auteur of the Year Award and the Prize Award for Best Horror Film of
the Year by the 7th Annual Bare Bones International Film Festival.

The film also managed to capture two reviewers’ hearts as they shed some stellar
comments on the film. "The film gives a new meaning to the word's a lot more
tormenting on a level than anything in "Saw"...Falcon does an excellent job as the
character of Joshua" - Nicky Jones of Horror Movies and Stuff. "I suppose that it is easy
to compare this film to something like Saw, but really, the plot is much smarter than Saw
and far more believable." Andre Manseau - Arrow in The Head. The next big place to see
this film is at the world famous Tribeca Cinemas in New York City. The film was just chosen
as “Official Selection” at the Independent Features Film Festival in NYC to screen on
Saturday, July 28th at 7:30pm.

Tickets are available for purchase at Falcon made this comment
on the film, “We’ve been talking to a handful of distributors but truthfully I’m still searching
for the right company. I’m rather surprised how many horror-fanatics I’ve talked to that
love the film. I guess it’s time already for a change in pace. Give me less blood and more
story.” With Halloween around the corner it’s only a matter of time before this film is at a
festival near you. Find out all the latest news at


This Wednesday, Falcon Productions released the official theatrical trailer for the
horror/drama 99 Pieces that is currently in post-production. The trailer is accompanied by
the final one-sheet-poster, for the film on its
website. “99 Pieces” just sent out it’s first
round of submissions to festivals across the nation yesterday. The plot revolves around a
man given the choice to lock himself in his own home for forty-days in order to uncover a
puzzle that will find him a connection to 4 men he does not know.

The film, which relies heavily on a horrific situation, has very little bloodshed but a chilling
look on what a human is willing to do to live and discover the truth. “99 Pieces” which is
more of a web of truth than anything else, uncovers the storyline through hidden puzzle
pieces, which tell of the character Joshua Licet’s connection to his friends, family and 4
unknown men. Falcon released the following comment. “Instead of intriguing people with
chills, cheap scares and a horrific killer, I chose to intrigue people with human emotion and
a horrific situation that slowly uncovers throughout the course of the film“.

Falcon boarding up his own home, shooting in real time over 40 days and starving himself,
made this 12,000-dollar extremely-low-budget-film possible. He lost 20 pounds in 17 days,
refusing to eat, running four miles a day and not shaving or rarely changing clothes to
achieve a realistic feeling and look. “I was inspired by the stories of dedication by the
original Halloween and Chainsaw Massacre where the home would stink with filth, dirt and
old carcasses. Sometimes you as a filmmaker must live and experience the situation for
the audience to believe it, and that’s what we did in this film. This is sometimes hard to
accomplish with named actors and a full size crew but in a real house with real people it
works.” The film, which stars Falcon, also includes an amazing cast of actors from the
Northern California, including April Potter, Marcus Shelby and Lauren DeLong.
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