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Plot: Real-life Porn Star Regan Reese portrays an up-and-coming actress picked up off the
streets by the young serial killer. What starts off as a good samaritan act quickly turns
into a game of cat in mouse in the late night empty fields of a small town where the victim
has nobody to turn to except the killer himself.

Cast: Regan Reese

Director: Shane Ryan

Writer: Shane Ryan

Official Site:

Release Date: Out now on DVD!





We just received word that the upcoming new AMATEUR PORN STAR KILLER sequels have
been given some title changes. APSK3 will now be under the name AMATEUR PORN STAR
KILLER 3: THE FINAL CHAPTER. The new 3D entry will now be titled AMATEUR PORN STAR
KILLER 3D IN THE HEAD. These titles definitely bring us back a few decades. Release dates
have been set for the final installments of the APSK films. On
December 9th, Cinema
Epoch will release the two films on two separate DVD's (originally to be released on one
DVD). Included on the 3D DVD will be the 2D version edited in a new way. Word has it that
filmmaker Shane Ryan is not happy about the title change and plans to make a statement
about it later.


Wow, this is some major news. Word on the street is that Brandon, aka Shane Ryan, has
casted real horror and real porn for AMATEUR PORN STAR KILLER 3D. The first two APSK
films paired Ryan with co-stars Michiko Jimenez and Kai Lanette, both of whom had never
acted before. It worked in their favor as it gave the films an ultra-realistic feel with
entirely improvised roles. For APSK3D, however, Ryan decided to get real horror actors
(and real porn stars) to mock his successful underground trilogy (a non-3D APSK3 with
also be shot for the DVD release later this year). Elissa Dowling (“Black Dahlia”,
“Transmorphers”), Jeff Dylan Graham (“Dead Clowns”, “Terror Toons 2”), oddball
critic/actor Luke Y. Thompson (“Mad Cowgirl”, “Wicked Lake”) and cult journalist/scream
queen Heidi Martinuzzi (Troma’s “Slaughter Party”) have all joined the cast along with
tattooed bad girl porn star Regan Reese, thanks to Society 1 lead singer and porn
producer/director Matt “The Lord” Zane (

Ryan is also talking with Regan about starring in the other APSK3 version. There are talks
and rumors of more joining the film later, with cult producer Mike Bilinski (“Evil Bong”)
recently on board as well.
“It pretty much started with Elissa”, says Ryan, “who about
nearly knocked me out for not casting her in APSK2. I just didn’t think actors who have
starred in movies I see at Hollywood Video would want to work on a 20 dollar budgeted
sex fueled horror film with no crew. But she made me realize that wasn’t the case. And
of course Elissa knows Jeff who knows Heidi who was actually the first to respond well to
the APSK series and it just has had a great domino effect from there. So, we got some
great indie horror actors and porn stars this time. It’s amazing how this whole APSK thing
started as a fluke”
, admits Ryan. “I never even liked horror movies.” The young filmmaker
started directing so he could get acting parts and began with tackling serious issues like
depression, rape, incest and murder, for the psychological side of it.

Realizing horror had a much larger outlet for indie filmmakers he decided to add that
element to APSK in order to get attention. “Now I’m kind of stuck, I guess. I rather make a
movie like ‘Once’ or ‘Sleepwalking’. I shot a film in early 2003, a quirky romance”, much in
the style of the new mumblecore movement (way before the term existed), “just can’t
seem to find the time to finish editing it.” That film, “The More The Better” has an official
page with a couple of online
clips. Ryan has been stereo typed in the past as being an
“August Underground”, “Guinea Pig”, “Faces of Death” fan (or rip-off artist) who wants to
further disgust and offend audiences with realistic snuff, when in fact
“I’ve never seen
any of those films nor do I care to. I didn’t even hear of most of those until APSK was
accused of ripping them off, go figure. Bottom line is I spent a couple years working on a
big project that just didn’t have the funds or resources to ever be completed. So, I said
‘Fuck It’, grabbed a girl and a camera, and made a movie one night. That’s that. Now I
feel like poking fun at it.”


Can it be true? The popular indie franchise is going 3D? Sort of. Word on the street is that
director Shane Ryan is making AMATEUR PORN STAR KILLER 3 to conclude his trilogy of the
seriously dark faux snuff film series, and then AMATEUR PORN STAR KILLER 3D which will
be a parody of the series.
“I was asked to do APSK3 in 3D which I thought was a terrible
idea given how dark and handheld the style of the films are, it would for sure make you
vomit if you haven’t already with 3D added,”
says Ryan. “Not to mention it would kill the
seriousness of it. 3D movies are usually campy horror, hokey porn, kids movies, or Sci-
Fi/Action. I thought the only way to do this in 3D would be to make it a campy horror
porn film. But I didn’t want the trilogy to end that way so we agreed on doing my serious
Part 3 version as well as a campy 3D movie.”

Now this is starting to sound promising. Both films will be released as a double feature DVD
just after Halloween of this year, with the 3D version also available in a 2D version, for a
total of 3 versions for APSK3. Given the 2nd was in 2 versions and the first film in one
version it plays out perfect that way. Expect a theatrical run for the 3D version before the
release. And for girls who love getting naked on camera, there’s about 2 weeks left to get
in on the film if you live in the Southern CA area, as well as for people who want a credit
in the film. Check out all the info on the
official page. A few indie celebs have already
been cast in the 3D version, names to be revealed soon.
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