Plot: Three teens find themselves in a town over run with zombies. Deciding to fight back,
they go on a punch you in the throat, action packed, non stop ride through the city,
woods, and schools.

Cast: Joel Hebner, Garrett Jones, Juliet Reeves, William Howard Bowman, Rowan Bousaid,
Ashley Elizabeth Pierce, Kendra Farner, Kevin J. O'Neill, John Youmans, Larry Miller, Jeff
Denton, Christopher Mark, Kenneth Matthews, Rita Manyette, Channing 'Deebo' Robinson

Director: Steven C. Miller

Official Site:

Release Date: September 8th, 2008 (DVD release date)

Rating: Unrated




Genius Products and The Weinstein Company have given us the full specs for the DVD
release of AUTOMATION TRANSFUSION. The shockingly grisly zombie horror flick
March 4th. The latest release under the
company’s Dimension Extreme label, AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION follows three teens
brazen enough to fight back a town full of swarming zombies. Written and directed by
Steven C. Miller, AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION received rave reviews at numerous horror film
festivals including Screamfest 2006. Featuring suspenseful performances by Garrett Jones
(“In The Heat Of The Night”), Juliet Reeves (All Wrapped Up), William Howard Bowman and
Rowan Bousaid, AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION reaches new and realistic extremes of gore
and bloodshed. AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION will be available for the suggested retail price
of $19.95.

In the film the United States Army began developing a procedure to bring back the dead
with the purpose of having them fight instead of the living. The testing takes a horrific
turn and an experimental town quickly becomes overtaken by zombies. Three desperate
high school students decide to fight back in a battle for survival. Special features on the
DVD include: Feature Commentary With Writer/Director Steven C. Miller And Producers
William Clevinger And Mark Thalman, Trials And Tribulations: The Making Of Automaton
Transfusion, Deleted Scenes (with optional Director's commentary), Suffer Or Sacrifice: A
Short Film By Director Steven C. Miller, "Can You Hear Me Now" Music Video By Blinded
Black and "Arsenaholic" Music Video By Dancefloor Tragedy. You vacan pre-order


Word on the street is that Dimension Films has picked up AUTOMATION TRANSFUSION.
The film will be released on DVD in September; September 25th to be exact. You can pre-
order the DVD
here. This is a indie ZOMBIE flick written and directed By Steven C Miller.
Government experiments to resurrect the dead and transform them into super soldiers go
horribly wrong, leaving a rampaging horde of the zombified guinea pigs to wreak havoc on
a small town. Fortunately, three resourceful high school students demonstrate a felicity
for putting the ferocious flesh eaters out of their misery. The first installment of a planned
trilogy, this low-budget fright film stars Garrett Jones, Juliet Reeves.


We have just received word that AUTOMATION TRANSFUSION has been accepted to be in
the 6th Annual Screamfest Horror Film Festival. Here's the official press release:

AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION’ Officially Selected for the 6th Annual Screamfest Horror
Film Festival

BLOOD… WIILL… RUN at the Mann Chinese 6 Theaters This October…

Beverly Hills, CA (August 22, 2006) – Rachel Belofsky, founder of the annual Screamfest
Horror Film Festival, is pleased to announce the selection of Steven C. Miller’s Automaton
Transfusion into the 6th annual event, which is to be held October 13-22 at the Mann
Chinese Theaters in Hollywood, California. Visit the official website for festival details: In Automaton Transfusion three teens find themselves in a town
over run with zombies. Deciding to fight back, they go on a punch you in the throat,
action packed, non stop ride through the city, woods, and schools.

Automaton Transfusion, which was shot for a mere $30,000, has become a one of the
most talked about independent horror films since The Blair Witch Project. Critics have been
raving about the film, “Automaton Transfusion is going to be this years Hottest film. With a
brilliant Director, an amazing cast and talented crew. The movie will fulfill your taste for
gore and blood, but also entertain you with young beauty and talent,” writes Horror-,
“In the recent rash of zombie films in Hollywood, I've been dying for
something fresh, Steven C. Miller's Automaton Transfusion is that breathe of fresh air…
Miller delivers one of the best zombie films in decades!”

Automaton Transfusion joins Adam Green’s Hatchet, which stars Kane Hodder (Jason
Voorhees), Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) and Tony Todd. Screamfest Horror Film
Festival has been called “The Sundance of Horror” by many journalists. For more
information you may check out the official AUTOMATION TRANSFUSION
Myspace page.


If you head on over to the AUTOMATION TRANSFUSION Myspace page, you can view a
quick clip from the movie. If you're a myspace member all you have to do is go over to the
video section and watch the clip. There will also be a Private Celebrity screening of the
film this month in Hollywood, CA. There is a Myspace contest online and the first and 250
comments thrown in the AUTIOMATION TRANSFUSION
page are getting thrown into a hat
with 5 winners to be drawn. Each winner gets 2 tickets to the private screening!

In the early 1970’s when everyone in America was worrying about what was going on in
Vietnam, the Unites States Army was secretly developing a way to reanimate the dead.
The hope was to have the dead fight instead of the living, but the experiments were shut
down when the reanimated corpses were unable to control their hunger for human flesh.

Thirty years later the army has decided to reopen the project. Grover City, because of its
remote location, would be the home of their main testing facilities. Without warning the
experiments go horribly wrong in Grover City and the DEAD are now on the rampage,
eating everyone in sight. With the town overtaken by Zombies, a group of High School
seniors take it upon themselves to fight back and find a cure for this deadly disease.


We posted up some info for Steven C. Miller's Automation Transfusion, which just so
happens to be a zombie picture! To the left are some pictures from the film. You can
check out the official website for a trailer or you can visit the official
Myspace page.
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