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This isn't much but in a interview with Really Scary Eli Roth spoke more about the
upcoming Cell movie. Roth already has some ideas in mind-

"I've always wanted to do a total, full-on, Armageddon zombie apocalypse," he told Really
"In the zombie movies whenever the moment turns and everyone becomes
zombies, you never see it happening all over the world. You always see it on television,
news flashes or quick flashes from another country, but you never actually see it like the
way Roland Emmerich did it in The Day After Tomorrow. What if you took the Roland
Emmerich approach and in the first 20 minutes of the movie, you actually saw everything
going completely to hell in a matter of minutes. I want to see cars smashing into each
other, people jumping out of buildings, people in movie theaters ripping each others'
throats out. I want to see total chaos and Armageddon around the world."

You heard that, death and destruction? Count us in!


Eli Roth spoke with nowplayingmag.com and provided more behind the scenes detail on

“Cell happened because of my producer, Mike Fleiss, who I produced Hostel with,” Roth
recently told Now Playing.
“He called me right as I was going away to do this five-week
press tour for the international release of Hostel, and there were several other producers
that were going after the property. He asked what I thought of it, and said he thought we’
d have a pretty good chance to get it because Stephen King really liked Hostel, which
definitely helped.”

Roth went on to explain more about why he was chosen-

“I was kind of the horror guy of the moment,” continues Roth, “so we knew that we could
set it up at a studio. But with several different producers in contention, it was Stephen
King’s decision, and he said, ‘Let’s give these guys a shot.’ So we had it for a window and
set it up right away with the Weinstein Company.”


We have another Dimension update for you readers out there. Word has it that Dimension
Films has acquired rights to Stephen King's latest novel Cell and has Eli Roth in mind to
direct. It's also been reported that Roth will be working on this once his finished on his
sequel to Hostel. Being a big fan of Stephen King Eli Roth wants to write or co-write the
film, depending on the time constraints created by his horror sequel which shoots in

"I couldn't put it down. It was such a balls-out horror movie with a smart take on the
zombie genre,"
-Eli Roth
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