Plot: On May 5th a ramshackle van overloaded with college students sped down a highway
in the New Mexican desert on its way to a festive Cinco de Mayo party. On May 6th a
tourist exploring the ruins of a historic ghost town discovered the mangled carcasses of
the students and alerted the local sheriff. On May 7th a single female suspect was
arrested on suspicion of murder. It is rumored that she was still carrying one of the victim’
s hearts in her hand when the police found her walking naked down the middle of the


David Quitmeyer

Writer: David Quitmeyer

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Steel Web Studios is pleased to announce that pre-production has begun on CINCO DE
MAYO MASSACRE, the second feature film. The tale of CINCO DE MAYO MASSACRE unfolds
as a group of college students become lost in the New Mexican desert on their way to a
party. They stumble across a secret Native American burial site and unwittingly disturb an
ancient Aztec spirit. Hell bent on revenge due to injustices from the past, the spirit
embarks on a bloodthirsty rampage through the desert. The film was originally conceived
as a fictitious title for a scene in Steel Web Studios' short film "Mail Order Bride". Soon
after the release of the film, fans began to request that the concept actually be made
into a movie.

The feature film is inspired by historic events and Latino folklore from the Southwestern
United States. Rather than simply exploit the Mexican holiday of CINCO DE MAYO
MASSACRE, the film will explore some of the darker parts of Spanish/American history,
such as the conquest of the indigenous people in the name of religion, while attempting to
represent the controversy surrounding the holiday itself. CINCO DE MAYO MASSACRE will
be written and directed by David Quitmeyer, the creator of the notorious erotic horror film
" Slaughter Disc ". David was born and raised in New Mexico, so Mexican, Hispanic and
Indian cultures have a heavy influence on him through out his life.

Steel Web Studios is currently seeking distributors, investors, cast and crew for CINCO DE
MAYO MASSACRE. Curious individuals may visit the official
website for more information.
Steel Web Studios is a producer of independent films with a small studio in sunny San
Diego. "Slaughter Disc", the feature-film debut has won widespread international critical
acclaim since it's premiere in March 2005. Our second DVD, Tales from the Carnal Morgue,
which features several of our short films will be released in June 2006. In addition to
"CINCO DE MAYO MASSACRE, they have several other films in various stages of pre-
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