Plot: Poor Jack was a kept man. Now he must care for Frankie alone, because they have
run out of money. This dilapidated cabin is all they have left. The redneck brothers that
live nearby are pretty eccentric, but seem harmless enough. Jack flirts with Kate Eidson,
the local constable, a woman who has such bad memories of the war in Iraq she won't
even carry a gun. Jack is a fish out of water. Everything in nature scares him. He starts to
imagine things and comes to believe Frankie is up and moving around. She's rude, crude
and taunts him relentlessly. Jack starts to come unraveled--and eventually decides to
smother his wife. But Frankie won't die. Is Frankie some kind of monster, or is Jack just
insane? Is the cabin haunted, or is it all of the above?

Cast: Quentin Jones, Gillian Shure, Kathrine Bates, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Ben Moody, Kyle
Gass, Jeff McFarland, Harry Shannon, Felissa Rose

Director: Yossi Sasson

Writer: Harry Shannon

Official Site:

Release Date: 2007




You've seen her in SLEEPAWAY CAMP, HORROR & SATAN'S PLAYGROUND. Word around the
block is that Scream Queen Felissa Rose has joined the cast of Dead and Gone. The
independent film directed by Yossi Sasson. Rose will be in the movie along side Quentin
Jones, Gillian Shure, Kathrine Bates, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Ben Moody, Kyle Gass, Jeff
McFarland and Harry Shanno.


We haven't had an update for this film for a really long time. Well Fangoria got the latest
scoop which includes a few behind the scenes pictures. The film is currently shooting in
Los Angeles. The film stars Quentin Jones, Kathryn Bates, Gillian Shure, Zack Ward, Chris
Bruno, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Ben Moody and of course Kyle Gass.


Kyle Gass (member of Tenacious D) is one of the latest cast members to be in the
upcoming independent film 'Dead and Gone'. The movie will film in September 2005.
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