Plot: Picks up immediately where DIARY leaves off, following that film's survivors as they
make their way to an island that proves to be infested with the living dead.




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Shock Till You Drop got a hold of early poster art for the untitled DIARY OF THE DEAD
sequel which we just call for right now Diary 2. Yes that's right, a sequel to the unreleased
indie George Romero zombie film has already been greenlighted. Artfire Films and
Romero-Grunwald Productions are moving forward on another installment that picks up
where its predecessor left off. Romero drafted a script which is set on a remote island
populated by the undead. It hasn't been announced whether the new movie will take the
same vérité, through-the-camera approach as its predecessor, but we'll keep you updated
as we gather more information. DIARY OF TH DEAD won a strong response at this year's
Toronto Film Festival and will be released in 2008 by the Weinstein Company. Shooting for
DIARY OF THE DEAD 2 begins in the spring of 2008.
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