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Danzig has had his hands full lately. Just recently mtv posted an article updating us on
Glen Danzigs next project 'Ge Rouge', the voodoo zombie flick which is supposed to be set
in New Orleans in the turn of the 20th Century.

"And he's just finished penning the third draft for Ge Rouge," a "voodoo zombie" flick he'll
also direct, which is based on the comic he publishes through his Verotika firm; Rainstorm
Productions will release the project. The film is set in New Orleans at the turn of the 20th
century, and Danzig says he plans to shoot part of the movie in the storm-ravaged city.

"We had scheduled at least seven to 10 days down there before this whole Hurricane
Katrina thing happened," he said. "But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The
French Quarter is not underwater, and that's where I need to shoot. Everything else I
can fake here in Hollywood. But you can't re-create those French Quarter houses. So
we'll have to go down there to do that."  


According to Revolver Magazine, Glenn Danzig recently completed the screenplay for
"Gerouge", a voodoo-horror tale set in 1904 New Orleans and based on a Verotik title
(Danzig's comic company). The film will mark Danzig's directing debut as well. "It's a period
piece, so it's not just a horror movie," he told Revolver. "There's a lot going on in it. But
there are some really gruesome scenes, too. The singer-turned-multimedia-menace is
hoping for a theatrical release, but confesses, "I'm just going out to do a good movie, and
whatever happens after that, I've gotta live with it."

Danzig is also preparing to release "Black Aria II", the sequel to his 1993 venute into
classical composition. "It's based on the story of Lilith, the first wife of Adam," he said.
"I've had it written for four or five years. Finally I made time in my career to do it. I'm just
happy to get it out my system and on CD."
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