Plot: Three American college students studying abroad are lured to a Slovakian hostel,
and discovering the grim reality behind it

Cast: Jay Hernandez, Lauren German, Heather Matarazzo, Bijou Phillips, Vera Jordanova,
Roger Bart, Richard Burgi, Milan Knazko, Stanislav Ianevski

Director: Eli Roth

Writer: Eli Roth

Official Site:

Release Date: June 8th, 2007

Rating: R


Animated poster]




If you head over to Yahoo! Movies you can check out some clips from HOSTEL: PART II


Just when we thought we've had enough pictures for HOSTEL: PART II (trailer), we posted
up some more stills. Now on our coverage we have more than 50 pictures. To be honest
we're getting really tired of looking at these pictures since there is so many.


Lionsgate films has sent us the last official poster for HOSTEL: PART II (trailer). Also he
website has been fully launched.


I think we've hit the jackpot. Today we've added 18 new pictures into our HOSTEL: PART
II coverage. That's right, 18 pictures from the upcoming horror sequel. That should be
more than enough to keep you busy for the next week.


We've posted up some new pictures from HOSTEL: PART II into our coverage.


The good folks over at Lions Gate have sent us the latest poster for HOSTEL: PART II.
This one features actress Heather Mattarazzo in an uncomfortable situation.


In case you haven't gotten your fill of HOSTEL: PART II posters lately, check out this
animated version that came from an International fan. Just head over to
youtube to check
it out. While you're at it, be sure to check out the latest
trailer for the movie.


Many of you may have seen this already, but you don't have to go to the MTV site to
view the latest HOSTEL: PART II trailer. Just click
here to view the trailer to Eli Roth's new


Want to see a cool clip from HOSTEL: PART II? Then you're in the right place. Today
we've received a clip from the HOSTEL sequel. Click
here to view it for yourselves. Last
January, writer/director Eli Roth terrified moviegoers with the blood-drenched HOSTEL,
which catapulted to the top of the box office charts and became the first Number One film
of 2006.  One year later, Roth takes us back to where it all began, and deeper into the
darkest recesses of the human mind. In HOSTEL: PART II, three young Americans studying
in Rome set off for a weekend trip when they run into a beautiful model from one of their
art classes. Also on her way to an exotic destination, the gorgeous European invites the
coeds to come along, assuring them they will be able to relax and rejuvenate.

Will the girls find the oasis they are looking for?  Or are they poised to become victims for
hire, pawns in the fantasies of the sick and privileged from around the world who secretly
travel here to savor more grisly pursuits? With Hostel, Eli Roth cemented the cutting-edge
credentials he earned with his debut feature Cabin Fever (2002). In HOSTEL: PART II,
Roth invites fans to take another frightening trip where suppressed urges – once
unleashed – have chilling consequences. HOSTEL: PART II hits theatres on
June 8th.


It seems that the news for the HOSTEL sequel won't stop. You can check out an
international clip from the movie by clicking


We posted up some more pictures from the movie HOSTEL: PART 2. For more information
you can visit the HOSTEL: PART 2 official


Behold ladies and gentlemen, a big mountain of meat! The folks over at IGN have given us
a look at the international HOSTEL: PART II poster. We don't exactly know what that thing
is but we're hungry for hamburgers all of a sudden.
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