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It was brought up that a third film for Jeepers Creepers was in the cards back when JC 2
was in theatres. Sadly it still is in the cards, but it won't be in the making anytime soon. It
turns out that Sony and MGM crippled the idea of a trilogy, especially back when creator
Victor Salva received an offer from Rogue Pictures to make a third film. Thanks to legal
issues that couldn't happen and now we're really unsure of what will happen with this
movie. Victor Salva spoke with
Fangoria sometime ago and here is what he had to say-

“Before the JEEPERS films came along, no one would release films on Labor Day weekend,
But each of our Creeper tales broke box-office records for Labor Day openings. Each of
the JEEPERS films also did around $39 million domestic and $100 million apiece [with DVD
revenues factored in]. So Sony and MGM can say what they will, but eventually one of
them will make a JEEPERS 3 with or without me, because that kind of money in the bank
is never ignored. Sadly, what is very doubtful, however, is that I will be involved in
whatever the next incarnation is.” -
Victor Salva
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