Plot: A group of college students on spring break from school, go on a road trip across the
country seeking fun and excitement. They find themselves being hunted one by one in the
heart of the Appalachian mountains

Cast: Haylie Duff, P.J. Soles, Polly Holliday, Jazsmin Lewis, Tiffany Shepis, John Bloom, Zoe
Hunter, Joanna Angel, Brad Dourif, Scarlet Pomers

Director: C.L. Gregory

Writer: Erin Gilmer, C.L. Gregory

Official Site:

Release Date:




Haylie Duff, sister to pop singer and actress Hilary Duff, has signed on to star in the
upcoming horror torture film, THE KENTUCKY FRIED HORROR SHOW. The movie, to be
helmed by horror movie director C. L. Gregory, is a fast paced, edge of your seat thriller
that will shock and appease horror fans who love their blood and gore, yet not for the
faint of heart or easily sickened at the site of blood and torn flesh. Add to that a mixture
of sex and some good ol’ fashion southern religion mixed in and what you have is a film
that will entertain as well as preach certain box office success for the cast and crew. This
is another example of the rapidly growing number of Studios and independents looking to
cash in on the success of the recent horror upsurge. For Gregory it’s a step up from low
budget horror, the last with his most successful low budget thriller horror - Blood Lake,
which was released last year on DVD to overwhelming financial success.

But Gregory is more than thrilled to start fresh with a new twist to an old formula of gore,
violence and scare, not to mention some bare breasted girls, but speaking to Gregory, Duff
will not be getting nude in the film, to the dismay of many young men over 13, although,
“There is certainly some skin to be seen” Gregory responds to questions about the content
of the movie, “There is a lot more blood in this film more than most films out there today
and even more gore, and I’m promising at least 2,000 gallons of blood to satisfy every
horror fan that sees the movie when it hits theatres sometime next year. To be shot later
this fall in rural southern Kentucky and parts of eastern Tennessee, The Kentucky Fried
Horror Show seeks to give what audiences are craving for - body counts. The plot behind
the madness belongs with one Treva Moses, along with her sadistic family, have been
terrorizing and killing cleverly disguised as a simple, and quaint southern Pentecostal
christian family. But what lurks behind the mask is anything but salvation but madness,
murder and mayhem, and did I mention a little Satanism?

Yeah, it’s got that too. See how it all began with a haunting journey into the gruesome
childhood of Treva’s youngest son Elias Moses, called by God, or should we say Satan, at
an early age to preach the “gospel” Elias is seen in a beginning of his transformation into
the present day Rev. Elias Moses, played by acclaim actor Brad Dourif, Elias, he grows
from a small murdering lad under his mothers morbid nurturing, the boy and his younger
brothers and a couple of busty daisy duke sisters that crave both sex and chainsaws they
each develop an appetite for chainsaws, bibles and torture – which is unfortunate for four
teens who are captured and brought to the Mose’s secluded Church of horrors, not for
conversion, but for sacrifice. There, the teenagers must fight to survive as the Moses
family and their murderous desires are unleashed all in the name of God.

Gregory knows that the content of the film, already causing controversy within some
mainstream religious groups, will not be enjoyed by those that find such films as anything
but family friendly entertainment,
“That’s not who this movie is aimed for” Gregory says,
“It’s for horror fans and those that enjoy a good movie on a Friday or Saturday night.” And
when compared to the recent slew of grind house torture films, Gregory seems irritated
when compared to Eli Roths Hostel,
“I am not Roth, don’t want to be Roth and this film is
not another take off of the plain and boring torture films that has come out as of late. We’
re better than those and we’re going to prove it. I’m putting the grind back into grind
house where it belongs, not on the cutting room floor.”
Still, it’s easy to see Gregory has
an agenda, and a new kid on the block, he’s not worried about ruffing up feathers, but I
sense that’s his style and why we always love the underdog.
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