Plot: The biggest names in Horror films join forces for Showtimes shocking Anthology
series "Masters of Horror". Acclaimed horror film legends contribute original one-hour films
of terror and mayhem.

Cast: Sean Patrick Flanery, Ron Perlman, Meat Loaf, Michael Ironside, Marisa Coughlan,
George Wendt, John Saxon, Ted Raimi, Caitlin Wachs, Meredith Monroe and Matthew

Directors: Brad Anderson, Ernest Dickerson, Tom Holland, Dario Argento, John Carpenter,
Joe Dante, Mick Garris, Stuart Gordon, Tobe Hooper, and John Landis.

Official Site:

Release Date: Fall 2006




The guys over at always give us the latest scoop on season 2
of MASTERS OF HORROR. They even gave us the plot detail for Peter Medak's (THE
CHANGELING) movie THE WASHINGTONIANS. The movie is about a man whose family is in
danger after he discovers a shocking secret about our nation's founding fathers. Above is
a picture from when UHM visited the set of the movie. Looks pretty gruesome huh? We will
have to wait to catch this episode once MOH Season 2 stars rolling. Here's the list for this
year's MASTERS OF HORROR lineup-

Episode 1: John Landis' FAMILY
Episode 2: Dario Argento's PELTS
Episode 3: Tobe Hooper's THE DAMNED THING
Episode 4: John Carpenter's PRO-LIFE
Episode 5: Ernest Dickerson's THE V WORD
Episode 6: Brad Anderson's SOUNDS LIKE
Episode 7: Tom Holland's WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM
Episode 8: Joe Dante's THE SCREWFLY SOLUTION
Episode 9: Mick Garris' VALERIE ON THE STARS
Episode 10: Peter Medak's THE WASHINGTONIANS
Episode 11: Stuart Gorden's THE BLACK CAT


The guys over at sent us some more detailed information on
the second season of MASTERS OF HORROR. If you didn't know already the story behind
Mick Garris' new one is taken from a Clive Barker original screen story. Last year Mich
Garris brought us CHOCOLATE (which we have a review for
here). His new movie is called
VALERIE ON THE STAIRS. Valerie tells the tale of a novelist who discovers there are fates
worse than literary anonymity in this sexually-charged tale of terror. This is the 9th
episode for Season 2 and Clare Grant plays the role of Valerie. As of right now there are
three movies left to film. Mick Garris' VALERIE ON THE STAIRS films until Wednesday. Word
on that is Christopher Lloyd is starring in this episode.


We've added some more pictures into our MASTERS OF HORROR coverage. These pictures
come from Ernest (Demon Knight) Dickerson's movie THE V WORD. According to Fangoria,
THE V WORD, is the show’s first vampire episode; genre vet Michael (SCANNERS) Ironside
stars as a bloodsucker who poses a threat to two boys who break into a mortuary.
MASTERS OF HORROR (see the official site here) begins airing on Showtime in October.


The good guys over at gave us the latest scoop on what's
happening over at the MASTERS OF HORROR department. MASTERS OF HORROR starts
filming with Mick Garris' new one this coming Monday or Tuesday. There are only 2 more
episodes to film after that and they all end around October 2nd. Then guess what comes
after that? Filming for Season 3 baby! We'll keep you updated on what's going on.


We added a couple of new pictures into our MASTERS OF HORROR: SEASON 2 coverage.
These new pictures are from John Carpenter's new movie called PROLIFE. Last year
Carpenter brought us the brilliantly disgusting dialog pic CIGARETTE BURNS (which we have
review for) and now he's back once again for another season of scares. According to
Fangoria, the second season of IDT/Showtime’s MASTERS OF HORROR series is half-
completed, with the second round of episodes to commence shooting within the next two

Stylistically different from Carpenter’s season-one entry CIGARETTE BURNS, PROLIFE stars
Ron (HELLBOY) Perlman as Dwayne, a violently radical anti-abortion activist. When Dwayne’
s teenage daughter (Caitlin Wachs) is raped and impregnated by a demon, she looks to
the very abortion clinic her father frequently terrorizes for help. Enraged, Dwayne and his
two sons (Chad Krowchuck and Graeme McComb) storm the facility, armed and extremely
dangerous. The shot above is of the trio entering the clinic, with Krowchuck’s character
apparently having some doubts about their drastic actions. The second (below) shows
McComb getting tough with an already bloodied staff member. MASTERS OF HORROR
begins airing on Showtime in October.


The second season of MASTERS OF HORROR is kicking into high gear. We posted up some
new pictures which are from a few of the new movies that will be presented this upcoming
season on the Showtime horror anthology series. The pictures are from Tobe Hooper's THE
DAMNED THING, Dario Argento's PELTS and John Landis' FAMILY. In FAMILY a young
couple moves into a new home, only to discover that their neighbor is not what they
expected. PELTS is based on F. Paul Wilson’s erotic short story about stolen racoon pelts
that take violent revenge on those who seek to wear them. THE DAMNED THING is a
creature feature about a monster that brings havoc to a Texas town.


What do you usually get when you mix a great actor with a great director? We'll we're not
exactly sure but we're hoping for the best with John Carpenters next installment of the
MASTERS OF HORROR series. Carpenter amazed us all with CIGARETTE BURNS and now is
out working on PRO-LIFE. If you ask us we'll tell you that you can't have a series like
MASTERS OF HORROR without Ron Perlman. The Horror Chanel announced that Ron
Perlman will be starring in John Carpenters PRO-LIFE. The film is currently in the making
over in Vancouver as we speak. Perlman plays a nasty father who sets out to retrieve his
daughter from an abortion clinic where, apparently, literally monstrous things happen.


Well Dario Argento has finished filming his new Masters of Horror episode PELTS. Tobe
Hooper is re-teaming with writer Richard Christian Matheson and has already started
filming his new episode. Mick Garris is hard at work for his new episode-

“Dario Argento finished PELTS yesterday, and that’s a really wet one. A really wet one!"
Mick told Fangoria, "My episode is going to be an original Clive Barker story that he wrote
a treatment for and that I adapted. It’s sort of a ghost story—very twisted eroticism, as
you might expect, but a bit more filled with horror tropes than [his previous] CHOCOLATE

John Carpenters new episode is called PRO-LIFE and Greg Nicotero is ecstatic that
MASTERS is leaning into creature feature territory-

“We’re actually getting into monsters on that one,” he reveals to Fangoria, “We’re trying
to take advantage of our relationship with the directors, so we can get a little bit of
headway instead of waiting for the obligatory 10-day prep. We’ve got to start building
way earlier than that!”


You know John Saxon from many movies. Well it looks like he has joined the cast of Dario
Argento’s new Masters of Horror episode PELTS. Starring along side him will be Meat Loaf
Aday. Saxon last worked with Argento on the movie Tenebrae back in 1982.  Saxon tells
“I’m playing the trapper who sells the pelts,”. Does that sound good or what?


Filming for the first episode of Masters of Horror Season 2 has wrapped up in Vancouver
this past Friday according to
Fangoria. John Landis' new episode Family tells the story of a
seemingly normal suburban man who works from home, but has serious skeletons in his
closet and voices in his head. Many of the previous directors from Season 1 will be
returning to make more ghoulish short movies for the Showtime Horror anthology series.
Dario Argento is currently filming his new episode called Pelts. Other directors attached to
the new season are Brad Anderson, Ernest Dickerson and Tom Holland with Stuart Gordon,
John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper who are set to return for more episodes.


Another new director has been announced for Masters of Horror Season 2. Ernest
Dickerson (Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight, Bones) has been added to direct Mick
Garris’ script for the small screen in the upcoming new season.


Clive Barker will return once again for another new Masters of Horror episode. Last season
we saw an episode called Haekel's Tale which was based on one of his short stories. In a
Revelations Interview he gives out more details about the new treatment and his future

"Yes, actually it was Mick Garris, God bless him, who said it was the first time he'd
received a 45-page treatment for a 60-minute teleplay! But it was a story that I liked and
that I wanted to do as a story for a long time and never found the time to do it and I
thought, well it's got lots of visual potential and it's something the guys might like over at
Masters of Horror so I took a chance on it, told Mick,  'Please trust me - I think you're
going to like it.' Bless him, he did - I didn't pitch anything to him, I didn't tell him anything
about it, he just held the space open for me."


We received an update today for Masters of Horror Season 2. Dario Argento will direct
another episode and it will be an adaptation of the F. Paul Wilson short story "Pelts".  It
was reported before that Matt Venne was working on the script for Pelts so we're waiting
to see how everything turns out.


Masters of Horror Season 2 is in the planning stages, with John Landis and other directors
from the first season set to return for more horror fun. Stuart Gordon will be working on an
episode based on the Edgar Allan Poe story The Black Cat. John Carpenter will be working
from another very controversial script from Drew McWeeny and Scott Swan and Session 9
director Brad Anderson will be doing an episode this season. Expect more news and
directors in the near future


Our original Masters of Horror bulletin got so big that we decided to post up our Season 2
information on another bulletin to keep you all informed on the new season of the horror
anthology which premieres sometime this fall. Our first update is a good one, word has it
that Don Mancini (creator of Childs Play) will have an episode for season 2. Believe it or
not but his film is said to surround an antique dealer and a vintage doll.
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