Mirrors (2007)


Alexandre Aja

Writers: Jim Uhls, Joe Gangemi, Kieran, Michelle Mulroney.

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We first reported last year that HIGH TENSION director Alex Aja was going to helm the
remake of the 2003 Korean film INTO THE MIRROR. Now according to Variety, Kiefer
Sutherland will spend his "24" hiatus starring in MIRRORS, a supernatural thriller to be
directed by Alexandre Aja (guess they don't want to call it a remake now). New Regency
is financing and will distribute through 20th Century Fox. Sutherland became available to
star in the movie when plans to carry his Jack Bauer character into a "24" feature were
postponed because the script wasn't ready. Fox won't start the clock on that pic until
next summer, when Sutherland completes the seventh season of the show.

Sutherland last year pacted to exec produce and star in the series through season eight,
in a deal worth north of $40 million. In MIRRORS,  Sutherland will play an ex-cop who
works security at a mall and discovers something awry in the mirrors of a department
store. He tries to discover the origin of the evil. Producers are Marc Sternberg, Alexandra
Milchan and Gregory Levasseur. Andrew Hong is exec producer. Aja, who last directed the
hit genre remake "The Hills Have Eyes," wrote the most recent draft of the script.
Sutherland finishes season six of "24" in April and begins shooting "Mirrors" on May 1,
mostly in Romania. He wraps in mid-July and then goes right back to the series in late July.
Sutherland's last feature was "The Sentinel."


Alex Aja was one of the guys who brought us High Tension, and he charmed us all with the
remake for the Hills Have Eyes. Well it looks like Alex will be working hard on yet another
movie remake. This time around he will be working on Into the Mirror. It will be a remake to
the Korean film from 2003 with the same title.
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