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Plot: The film tells the story of a pair of twins prophesied to avenge their mother’s death
at the hand of their father.

Cast: Alan Barnes Netherton, Naama Katz, Thierry Lhermitte, Philippe Nahon, Debbie
Rochon, William Sadler

Director: Dylan Bank & Morgan Pehme

Writers: Dylan Bank & Morgan Pehme

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Co-directors Dylan Bank and Morgan Pehme revealed the official poster for their new movie
Nothing Sacred in New York City today alongside the actor the poster depicts, Alan Barnes
Netherton. The poster for Nothing Sacred, which filmed on location throughout the United
States, France, and Belgium, was unveiled in both English and French versions. Nothing
Sacred tells the story of a pair of twins (Alan Barnes Netherton and Naama Kates)
prophesied to avenge their mother’s death at the hand of their father. The film features an
internationally-renowned ensemble cast, including William Sadler (The Shawshank
Redemption), Thierry Lhermitte (The Dinner Game), Debbie Rochon (Terror Firmer), and
Philippe Nahon (High Tension).

Producer Katia Olivier announced that the film, which recently wrapped, was currently in
post-production and scheduled for completion in the summer. She also said that the
director’s aunt, composer Olivia Pehme, who lives and records in The Canary Islands, has
already begun orchestrating the film’s classical score, which she will perform with an
expanded ensemble of the musicians who played in Dylan Bank’s previous film Nightmare.


Nothing Sacred has finally caught its villain. Though the majority of the fantasy/horror
movie was shot late last year, the film's co-directors Dylan Bank and Morgan Pehme
insisted on waiting to wrap Nothing Sacred until they could cast the actor they envisioned
as their heavy when they wrote the part: William Sadler.
"For us, it was Bill or nobody,"
explained Pehme from the film's editing suite in New York City.
"Dylan and I maintained
from the beginning that Nothing Sacred wouldn't work without a villain terrifying enough
to justify the build-up to his big reveal."
Sadler, who plays the ruthless sorcerer
"Chambers" in the film, is no stranger to incarnating evil on screen. The actor, best known
for his roles in The Shawshank Redemption and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, played Bruce
Willis's nefarious nemesis in Die Hard 2 and the unscrupulous Federation officer, Sloan, in
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Although Sadler had enthusiastically committed to Nothing Sacred months before filming,
his busy acting schedule kept him from doing the part. Only a week before the shoot, he
wrapped The Mist with Thomas Jane, a movie that reunited him with the creative team
behind Shawshank, Stephen King and director Frank Darabont. Rather than cast another
actor, Bank and Pehme decided to make the unorthodox decision to wait until Sadler was
ready to finish the film. In the interim, they edited the picture with the exception of the
scenes that involved Sadler.
"It turned out great for us from a creative standpoint," said
"It's a rarity for filmmakers to see how their movie fits together before shooting
some of its most crucial moments. Ultimately, it allowed us to do even more than we had

A Belgian-American co-production between Merlion Entertainment and Uncut Films, Nothing
Sacred tells the story of a pair of twins prophesied to avenge their mother's death at the
hand of their father, Chambers. The twins, portrayed by up-and-comers Alan Barnes
Netherton and Naama Kates, are accompanied by an internationally renowned ensemble
cast, including French box office superstar Thierry Lhermitte (The Dinner Game), Philippe
Nahon, the star of horror hit High Tension, and cult movie queen Debbie Rochon (Terror
Firmer). Although Nothing Sacred has just finished filming, the head start Bank and Pehme
got editing means that the movie is almost complete. The film's producer Katia Olivier
anticipates that the movie will be ready by summer. A number of prestigious film festivals
are already courting the picture to present its gala world premiere.


Last year we reviewed a movie called NIGHTMARE. We caught the premiere at the
Shockerfest Film Festival and we enjoyed it very much. Fangoria ran into writer/directors
Morgan Pehme and Dylan Bank, who premiered the trailer for their new film NOTHING
SACRED at the opening-night party for the New York City Horror Film Festival, to a rousing
"It was exciting to see images from a film that means so much to me received
so well by an audience,"
Bank says. "It really gives me a jolt of energy to complete
production on this film."
Though it's still early in production, the producers of NOTHING
SACRED, are thrilled to announce the warm reception the press has been giving the film
both in the United States and in Europe.

NOTHING SACRED, directed by Dylan Bank and Morgan Pehme, stars French box-office
sensation Thierry Lhermitte (The Dinner Game, French Fried Vacation), Philippe Nahon, the
star of High Tension, and famed scream queen Debbie Rochon (Terror Firmer), alongside
newcomers Alan Barnes Netherton and Naama Kates.
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