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Plot: After the suicide of one of their friends a group of young adults receive e-mails
saying that the end of the world is near. Slowly those who receive the e-mails fall into a
deep depression. The only one who failed to open the e-mail, Emily, tries to stop those
she loves from killing themselves like her best friend did. But is there a way to stop this
apparent curse or will the world end with a mass suicide?

Cast: Kristen Bell, Steve Talley, Ian Somerhalder, Christina Millian.

Director: Jim Sonzero


Official Site:  

Release Date: August 11th, 2006

Rating: PG-13



We've updated our PULSE remake coverage once again. This time around we posted up
some new pictures from the movie, and a few others we didn't have before. According to
some of the other sites the release date was pushed back for the 25th. We haven't heard
anything "official" on that so we're still expecting the movie to hit theatres next week on
the 11th. We've waited long enough as it is.


The good folks over at Apple.com posted up yet another trailer for the upcoming PULSE


With the remake PULSE just weeks away from infecting theatres, we're getting more
updates on the movie. The good guys over at
Ifilm have posted up an exclusive clip from
the movie. The clip is called "Library Spook", be sure to turn your speakers up and see if it
doesn't scare the pants off of you.


With the movie only weeks away, we felt that it would be proper to add more into our
coverage for the upcoming remake of PULSE. We're starting to see more commercials for
the movie on TV and in the theatres so we're guessing that Dimension is going to stick
with the August 11th Date. We've been waiting for this movie since March and it's fallen
victim to many date changes, and reshoots. But it appears we'll finally get to see this on
the big screen in a matter of weeks. Incase you missed it before we posted up a review
for the original Japanese film
KAIRO, which this remake is based on. The original is
definitely a movie we recommend checking out.

Imagine our wireless technologies made a connection to a world beyond our own. Imagine
that world used that technology as a doorway into ours. Now, imagine the connection we
made can't be shut down. When you turn on your cell phone or log on to your e-mail,
they'll get in, you'll be infected and they'll be able to take from you what they don't have
anymore -- life.


Now that the reshoots for the remake of PULSE is finished, we are treated with a new
release date. Now we wont have to wait till September to watch the movie. PULSE is now
due for August 11th. Hopefully this time we wont have to go through yet another date


Ladies and gentleman I think all of us here at HF are having a bad case of de ja vu.
Apparently the release date for the upcoming American remake for PULSE has gone
through a date change. Wait a minute, thats it! No wonder we've been feeling like this.
This same exact thing has happened before, too many times. Anymore of this and we
could put it somewhere in the record books. Dimension Films has bumped the release of its
PULSE remake (AGAIN), the movie is now due in theaters September 8th. Now we have to
wait even longer, hurray!


Of all the upcoming horror movies announced, the PULSE remake is the next big release.
We've been posting information on this movie since day one and right now we're trying to
catch up on all the updates we've missed. If you head on over to
Apple.com you can view
the latest trailer for PULSE. If you haven't done so yet also be sure to visit the
Myspace Page.


Last time we asked you if you wanted to see a ghost. This time we're asking if you would
like to see the second trailer for the upcoming movie PULSE (2006). If you do then just
head on over to
Yahoo! Movies and enjoy. If not, then oh well, you can check out the
picture from the movie we just recently posted up. That way it'll keep you from being


Would you like to see a ghost? Then head on over to the official website for PULSE
(2006). Inside you'll find tons of bizarre animations and plenty of goodies for your home
computer. Just look around and try not to get spooked along the way. This remake to the
Japanese film KAIRO will be hitting theatres on July 14th from Dimension films.


We added up the poster to the upcoming remake of the j-horror film Pulse.


Sometime ago the release date for Pulse changed, and you can expect it to hit theatres
on the 14th of July.


Apple.com posted up the trailer for Pulse in a nice easy viewing Quicktime format.


We posted up some more pictures from the movie Pulse on the left side of the page.


We finally received an update for the remake of Pulse. We haven't had an update for this
since Wes Craven went to do other features and it was officially canned. Well now the
movie is set to hit theatres March 3rd, 2006. You can check out a trailer to the film

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