Plot: A crazed scientist experiments with a virus on innocent victims in a secluded
laboratory within the woods. When his monstrous subjects escape and vultures devour
their remains, they became mutations seeking to feed on humans.

Cast: Andrew Divoff, Carmella DeCesare, Reggie Bannister

Director: Jim Sonzero


Official Site:

Release Date: 2006




If you head over to the official website for THE RAGE you can check out the movie trailer.


We haven't had an update for THE RAGE since March. It was announced earlier this week
that the movie has wrapped principal photography. For our coverage we posted up some
more gory pictures from the movie. Hidden in his makeshift laboratory deep within a
secluded forest, a scientist fallen into madness, has created the ultimate virus which he
plans to unleash against our capitalist society. When his experiments on innocent victims
don't go as planned, the abomination he's created break free and escape into the
wilderness. The infection spreads as vulture s devour the remains of his freakish monsters,
transforming the birds into mutations driven by "The Rage," an insane blood lust for human

THE RAGE is the latest motion picture thrill ride from Writer/Director/Producer/Special FX
Master, Robert Kurtzman. Robert, creator of such genre hits as From Dusk Till Dawn and
the director of Wishmaster, and co-founder of the prolific make-up effects studio, KNB
EFX, has opened his own film production facility, Precinct 13 Entertainment. P13's first
fully funded independent feature film, THE RAGE, is being handled entirely in house at P13's
studio which includes a state of the art 3,000 square foot production facility and sound

Kurtzman is writing and producing THE RAGE in collaboration with longtime associate and
former KNB EFX creature designer, John Bisson. Together they have assembled a team of
genre veterans both in front and behind camera. THE RAGE stars Reggie Bannister,
Carmella DeCesare, Andrew Divoff and Matt Jerrams.


If you look back at the official website for The Rage you can view a 5 minute behind the
scenes clip from the making of the film.


We posted up a bunch more bloody pictures from Robert Kurtzman's The Rage.


Of all the films we've researched this past week this one really caught us off guard. The
director of the underrated horror film Wishmaster is at work on a few new projects and
one of them is called Rage. The film stars Andrew Divoff and Playmate of the Year Carmella
DeCesare. Above is a poster for the film and to the left are some cool pictures from the
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