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Plot: This movie follows Jacob, 19, and Isabelle, 14, on a killing spree across the roads of

Cast: Shane Ryan, Emily Wryn

Director: Shane Ryan, Emily Wryn

Writer: Shane Ryan, Emily Wryn

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ROMANCE ROAD KILLERS is still on hold, but the music aint! Singer/Songwriter Emily Wryn,
who also co-wrote/directed the film, will be performing for the first time in nearly a year at
The Hotel Café in Los Angeles on Sunday,
December 9, 2007, at 8:30 p.m. AMATEUR
PORN STAR KILLER filmmaker Shane Ryan began working on the script for RRK in early
2005, loosely based on a script he had written in the late 90’s. He teamed up with then 15
year old Emily Wryn, a local singer, to do the music for the film. Shane was so impressed
with her ideas, music, and lyrics, that he asked her to come on board as co-writer. Soon
after, they decided to direct together as well. They shot a concept
trailer for the film in
late 2005 along with selected scenes, and spent the following year trying to get it
financed. In the meantime Shane has gone on to find success in distributing “APSK” with
Cinema Epoch, out last month in stores, with a budget of  just $45.

But with “RRK” they are looking for a much higher budget. A budget of epic proportions;
like say $50,000. Okay, that’s still considered a non-budget movie, but if you take in to
consideration that Emily and Shane made about 6 short films/music videos together with a
$10 budget average, $50,000 is a shit load of money. At one point they even thought
they were going to be getting a 1 million dollar budget, but that fell through. After several
headaches of not finding any investors, Shane went on to pursue other film projects, and
Emily with her music. But with the “APSK” DVD release, Shane decided to push the trailer
again, hoping that somebody, someday soon, will see it and finance the film.
“If not, I’ll
just do it myself”
, says Shane. “That’s nothing new. I think we’d need at least $3,000 to
do this film, but I could probably at least put that together. If we’re not financed by the
end of summer (of ‘08) I’m just gonna do it, or else I’ll be to old!”

Shane started working on the script in high school so he could play the lead. Originally he
had no intention on directing it. At that point he never wanted to direct a feature film, he
was an actor and a writer. But over time directing grew on him. The script became a
whole new movie (adding the idea of spree killer Charles Starkweather and his girlfriend
Caril Ann Fugate to the mix), but the age of the characters stayed the same, with Shane’s
character being 19 years old.
“I can still pass for that, but not for too much longer” says
the 27 year old.
“So, this needs to happen soon.” In the meantime, come see Emily at The
Hotel Café, 1623 1/2 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028.  Check out some of Emily
and Shane’s past videos, several of which were winners on the IFC Channel;

“The Swamp Song”

“The Cleansing” (2 time winner)

“Hallucinations Madness of the Bottle” (winner)

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