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We are proud to announce that the Skeleton Factory will be premiering one of their new
movies THEY MUST EAT on June 22nd as apart of a double feature. The movie will
premiere at 7:00 pm at the Emagine Theatre in Canton, MI. Located at 39535 Ford Rd.
Doors open at 6 pm and tickets are only ten bucks at the door! Be apart of this double
feature in which they will play THE REMAKE fallowing the premiere of THEY MUST EAT.
Two great horror movies all in one night! For more info you can check the skeletons
factory's official website at, or you can just head over to their
Myspace Page.

Don't forget to catch the Skeleton Factory's
2 S.I.C.K. (Mr. Jingles), coming to DVD July
18th, 2006 from Lions Gate. Also if you haven't done so yet be sure to read our review the
Skeleton Factory's
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