10 Arguments All Horror Movie Fans Tackle

From original movies like The menu to the new hellraiser, horror fans have plenty to choose from in fall 2022, proving just how versatile and popular the genre is. Although some releases are so well done that everyone praises their performances, twists and plots, it’s rare that a horror movie doesn’t cause disagreements among an enthusiastic audience.

It’s fun to enjoy a friendly debate over which is the best example of a subgenre or whether a new entry in a franchise is as exciting as what came before it. Horror fans often have similar conversations that get to the heart of why they love the genre.


Which movie is better, hereditary or average?

Split image of Annie in Hereditary and Dani in Midsommar

Hereditary is so dark that it stunned audiences and continues to be discussed to this day. Ari Aster has established himself as a favorite writer/director thanks to his bold style. After watching the story of Annie Graham becoming demon-possessed and her children collapsing, fans were curious about Aster’s next film. Midsommar.

Hereditary is one of best motherhood movies and Midsommar is just as intense a ride. Horror fans often debate which is the best movie, and because movies can be so subjective, there’s no definitive answer. The films explore similar themes of family and tragedy.

What is considered the absolute best classic horror movie?

Freddy Krueger with knife fingers in A Nightmare on Elm Street

Most horror fans are introduced to the genre with some classic movies that are held up as prime examples of character development, real scares, clever direction, and villains that matter to the genre’s history. While fans agree on a handful of films that are considered the best crafted, no one can quite say which is the absolute best.

Fans consider freddie, the brilliantand The Exorcist be the favorite classics, and it’s hard to say which one is the best. These films have been a huge influence and inspiration for contemporary filmmakers.

Is the new Halloween trilogy any good?

Corey Cunningham in the photo from the end of Halloween

While horror fans agree that the 1978 Halloween is fantastic, it is more difficult to find a consensus on the trilogy released in 2018, 2021 and 2022. After watching Halloween endsaudiences discussed the need for these films and whether Laurie Strode’s story was properly concluded.

While the 2018 Halloween and halloween kills focus on Laurie’s relationship with her daughter Karen and granddaughter Alyson Nelson, and it’s compelling, Halloween ends focuses on a new character named Corey Cunningham. Audiences don’t know what they think of him since the franchise has always focused on Laurie.

Should there be more Scream movies?

Ghostface killer in a hospital in Scream 2022

Scream (2022) balance old and new characters and many fans of Scream franchise thinks the fifth film has the same sparkle, humor and vibe as the previous ones. This is a good thing since the franchise now has new writers and directors.

However, some still think the franchise can’t continue under Wes Craven’s brilliant direction, and not everyone believes there should be future movies. With Cry 6 a story in New York, that’s a fair point that’s up for debate.

Is Unfriended great or is the computer screen trend frustrating?

Blaire screams in Unfriended

friendless is a fun spin on the trend of putting an entire movie on a laptop screen, as Blaire Lily talks to her friends and they wonder if a spirit has taken over. Incredibly dark secrets come out and everyone’s true selves are revealed, which is not good for this group. The characters have horrible pasts that the ghost wants to expose.

Those who love this genre have many discussions about whether it is a good trend or if it has been overplayed. While some like the tone and setting of this Blumhouse movie, others don’t think it works and would like a different structure.

Are there prequels or remakes?

Mia Goth in Pearl

Of pearl at Fire starterthere have been several prequels and remakes released in 2022. These are still tough grounds to cover as comparison is the name of the game here. pearl is a brilliant and impressive example of a prequel that adds important and necessary detail to an already beloved story, and Ti West’s film is every bit as good as X.

Whenever a prequel or remake is announced, some will look forward to the chance to see popular characters again and learn more about a specific world. But perhaps even more will say there’s no reason to remake a classic movie and say a prequel can’t be as exciting and compelling as the first film.

Does The Final Girl Trope work?

Sally Hardesty tied to a chair in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Sally Hardesty The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of best horror movie final girls and his ability to stand up to Leatherface is still impressive. It’s touching to watch Sally try to live while she’s shocked by Leatherface’s violence.

Horror fans often argue about the necessity and importance of the latest female trope. While at times these characters can be strong and well designed, and really fleshed out, some fans find the trope sexist and irritating.

What’s better, supernatural stories or more grounded slashers?

A demon behind Patrick Wilson in Insidious

Horror fans also argue over the best types of movies, as it can be subjective. Some think slashers are the most exciting because they feel grounded, but others enjoy watching a spirit haunt a family or a main character.

Some like the supernatural and like to see the twists this subgenre can take, with Insidious being one of the most popular releases of the last decade. Others think these movies never make sense and would rather watch a story that has a more relatable hook.

Is Halloween III cool and different or the worst movie in the franchise?

The pumpkin mask in Halloween III Season of the Witch

Halloween III: Season of the Witch stands out among the other franchise entries because it has nothing to do with the rest of the films. Laurie isn’t in it and it’s a sci-fi story about a mask-making factory, and the story takes place in some weird places.

It’s a movie that horror fans often talk about. For some it is a ignored and excellent horror sequel. To others, it’s confusing, weird, and doesn’t seem to fit the franchise. There will likely always be people who love this movie and those who choose to move past it by re-watching the rest of the film. Halloween movies, preferring to watch Laurie and Michael Myers instead.

Are Freddy Kruger or Jason Voorhes the ultimate horror villain?

Shared image of Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees

One of the funniest debates to have is about the ultimate horror villain. It is likely that fans will agree that the most famous is Freddy Krueger in freddie and Jason Voorhees in Friday 13. Both are out for revenge and have masks or outfits that everyone knows. They are also responsible for some disturbing deaths.

Since some prefer Freddy’s jokes and outfit to Jason’s hockey mask, and freddie is considered a more stylistically good film than the Friday 13 franchise, some might vote for Freddy here. Still, many appreciate Jason’s looks and love the campy fun of these movies set at Camp Crystal Lake.

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