10 Best Alien Movies Like Nope

The Last Jordan Peele Movie Tracker get out and We will be released on July 22. Nope stars Keke Palmer and Oscar winner Daniel Kaluuya (who previously worked with Peele on get out). The film will be a mix of sci-fi and horror with a healthy dose of comedic sensibility from Peele. Although not much has been revealed about Nope aside from the trailers, fans of Jordan Peele can use the time left before the film’s release to binge on the following films, all of which deal with extraterrestrial life in the same way.


ten Signs (2002)

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Mel Gibson in the signs

Writer/director M. Night Shyamalan has built a career out of his specific take on the horror genre. After the success of the films The sixth sense and UnbreakableShyamalan continued to explore the genre further with his 2002 film Panels.

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Panels tells the story of a farmer (Mel Gibson), who discovers a mysterious pattern in his crops that could be traced to extraterrestrial life. Panels also explores themes of family and faith, with a buildup of suspenseful tension throughout the film. In addition to Gibson, the film also features strong supporting performances from Joaquin Phoenix, Rory Culkin and Abigail Breslin.

9 Under the Skin (2013)

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Jonathan Glazer’s third feature explores the supernatural through a dark and erotic vision that re-established the director as a true auteur nearly a decade after his last film, Birth. Under the skin stars Scarlett Johansson in a role unlike any of her previous films.

Unlike classic movies about extraterrestrial life, Under the skin approaches the genre from the perspective of an alien species in human form whose method of entrapment is seduction. Much like Jordan Peele, Glazer uses the horror genre to ask larger questions about society and humanity.

8 Independence Day (1996)

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by Roland Emmerich independence day tackles the alien genre through an epic action-adventure saga. In this film, in most major cities around the world, alien forces encroach on human soil and launch a full-scale attack. The film features an ensemble cast that includes Will Smith, Bill Pullman, and Jeff Goldblum.

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independence day was a blockbuster and caused a trend of Hollywood disaster films. Although the film received mixed reviews (via Rotten Tomatoes), its commercial success has left its mark on popular culture. Memorable sequences from the film include the destruction of the White House at the hands of the mysterious alien race.

seven 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

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End of 10 Cloverfield Lane

Dan Trachtenberg’s Unique Sequel to the Found-Frame Alien Movie Cloverfield leans as much into a psychological thriller genre as it does traditional horror. The story follows Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), who wakes up after a car accident in a bunker with the menacing Howard (John Goodman). Eventually, as she tries to escape, she learns why she can’t get out.

10 Cloverfield Lane is the second part of an upcoming series of Cloverfield films produced by JJ Abrams and serves as a prime example of a sci-fi horror movie that finds a unique way to make a story of alien attacks feel unnervingly real and immediacy. This combination of genres resembles the way Jordan Peele combines elements of comedy, social commentary, and thrills in his films.

6 Contact Us (1997)

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Robert Zemeckis’ adaptation of Carl Sagan’s novel finds Dr. Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) making contact with extraterrestrial life and decoding its messages through math and symbols in order to decipher what their true intent is.

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Zemeckis opts for a more cerebral and thematic exploration of life beyond Earth rather than hoping for cheap thrills. Contact asks broader questions about the nature of communication and the conflicts between science and religion. It is likely that Jordan Peele Nope will aim for a combination of thrills and challenging topics based on the trailers.

5 Arrival (2016)

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Another more psychological take on the alien genre and the most recent entry on this list is by Denis Villeneuve. Arrival. Adapted from the short story “Story of Your Life” by Ted Chiang, Arrival centers on the recruitment of linguist Dr. Louise Banks (Amy Adams) to help establish contact and communication with mysterious extraterrestrial forces.

This film may have a premise similar to Contactalthough Villeneuve takes the audience in unexpected directions that turns into a shocking twist that makes Arrival highly reviewable. With Adams’ career-best performance, Arrival is as much an alien film as it is a meditation on themes of the cyclical nature of time and the power of human choice.

4 Borough 9 (2009)

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District 9 Shrimp Interrogation

This film adaptation of the short film produced by Peter Jackson Living in Johannesburg follows the detention and segregation of an alien species in South Africa. District 9 is shot like a documentary and while the alien species certainly doesn’t look like anything human, there’s a hyper-realistic take on the style of filmmaking here.

District 9 surprisingly, can draw several comparisons to the films of Jordan Peele in that the director, Neill Blomkamp, ​​uses a supernatural premise to tell a story that reflects human issues. In this case, the themes of District 9 resembles themes of racial segregation and marginalization, with footage that particularly resembles South African apartheid.

3 Men in Black (1997)

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Barry Sonnenfeld’s action-comedy stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as secret agents of a mysterious organization that hunts down and hunts disguised alien life on Earth. The success of men in black spawned three more films, including the final installment Men in Black: International with Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth.

What sets men in black apart from other sci-fi movies is its cohesive blend of action and comedy. In fact, this is precisely what most connects him to the aesthetic of Jordan Peele. There is always a constant balance between sci-fi sequences and humor. Plus, the on-screen chemistry between Smith and Jones is endlessly entertaining.

2 Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

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Split image of a boy in a doorway and a UFO in Close Encounters of the Third Kind

One of the classic alien movies of all time is Steven Spielberg’s Dating of the Third Kind. The landmark film starred Richard Dreyfus as Roy Neary, an Indiana native who becomes obsessed with unidentified flying objects after encountering just one.

Not only the cinematography and visual effects of Dating of the Third Kind still hold today, but the film also explores universal themes of belief in what we witness. It’s a recurring theme in alien movies. Although Close Encounters was released the same year as another sci-fi epic (star wars), he managed to win two Oscars.

1 Alien (1979)

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From the original Alien movie, Ripley wearing a space helmet and the xenomorph.

There’s no doubt that when Jordan Peele set out to make an alien horror movie, he sought out this iconic franchise. The first film in the series follows a space crew waking up in the middle of their journey home to find a nest of eggs containing a mysterious organism on their ship.

Extraterrestrial launched a successful franchise as well as the acting career of Sigourney Weaver (she would later receive an Oscar nomination for her work in the sequel, aliens). While other films about extraterrestrial life tend to veer into tangential genres like comedy or psychological thrillers, Extraterrestrial takes its sci-fi premise and fully delves into all the essentials of the horror genre.

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