10 Best Horror Anime To Watch This Halloween

With October 31st lurking just around the corner, it’s the perfect time for horror anime to come out of the shadows. Whether anime fans are ready to binge on their favorite horror anime for the hundredth time or are timidly diving into the genre for the first time, there’s a horror anime everyone can sink their fangs into. .

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From demons and ghouls to dangerous killers roaming the night, horror anime has chills and thrills for everyone to enjoy. Whether fans are looking for a spooky anime to watch as Halloween draws closer or they’re looking for an anime to binge on the night of the holidays, these spooky anime will have a delicious scare for everyone.

10/10 Castlevania Has Gothic Horror And Creatures Hidden In The Dark

For fans of spooky castles, creatures that collide in the night and gothic horror, Castlevania is definitely the anime to watch this Halloween. When Dracula rages upon the world after the wrongful death of his wife, it’s up to a Belmont, a wizard and a dhampir to save the day.

Filled with demons, vampires, magicians, supernatural hunters and everything in between, this anime strikes fear into fans of paranormal and historical anime. A twist on the classic tale of Count Dracula is a perfect watch for Halloween.

9/10 Zombie Land Saga is zombie horror with a comedic twist

A horror anime newbie can dip their toes into The Zombie Country Saga this scary season. An up-and-coming pop idol group called Franchouchou takes over Saga Prefecture. However, each of these stars hides a secret: they are among the living dead!

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Revived by their mysterious manager Kotaro Tatsumi, the Franchouchou idols won’t waste their second chance, even if they risk losing a limb on stage. The Zombie Country Saga is a comedic take on the classic zombie horror story and is the perfect gateway into the horror anime genre.

8/10 Tokyo Ghoul shows what happens when man turns into a monster

For fans who love the thrill of high intensity combat, supernatural creatures and a touch of psychological horror, tokyo ghoul is the anime to watch in October. When a date goes wrong and Ken Kaneki finds himself thrust into a dark supernatural world where he must survive by feeding on human flesh, his daily life has now become a living nightmare.

As Ken struggles to find the balance between being human and ghoul, conflict arises between the human and ghoul factions in Tokyo. Fans will be left on the edge of their seat on more than one occasion watching Ken Kaneki navigate this darker side of Tokyo.

7/10 The Promised Neverland Pits Children Against Demons

Although she grew up in an orphanage, every day was filled with fun for Emma and her friends. However, when she learns the dark truth about what happens to those who are adopted, her whole world comes crashing down.

Now faced with the horrible truth that she and her friends are nothing more than meat prepared for these mysterious monsters, Emma will do anything to survive with her friends. The promised never-never land is the perfect show to watch on Halloween for fans of adventure anime with a dark and gruesome twist.

6/10 Angels of Death features a building and an unknown number of dangers

For fans who love the suspense of watching a masked killer slowly prowl through the night, angels of death is an anime to watch on Halloween night. When 13-year-old Rachel wakes up in an abandoned building with no memories, it’s up to her to find the way out.

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However, as Rachel begins her search, she soon discovers that there is a killer on every floor of the building. Now not only does she have to escape, but she also has to escape alive. angels of death is the perfect anime for fans of psychological thrillers. However, beware, because not everyone is what they seem, even Rachel.

5/10 Housing complex C is a haunted house horror

​​​​​​​Lodging C-complex is a new anime for fans to follow this spooky season. This anime follows two girls, Kimi Shirokado and Yuri Koshida, and their lives in a residential compound in a small beach town.

However, when dead animals begin to appear and their neighbors begin to mysteriously disappear, Kimi and Yuri begin to realize that their old housing complex is nowhere near normal. Housing Complex C is the perfect anime to watch every week as the Halloween countdown draws near.

4/10 Mermaid Forest focuses on immortality, humanity and monsters

For fans who like a darker twist on classic fairy tales, mermaid forest is the anime to watch in October. After consuming the flesh of a mermaid, Yuta wanders for centuries looking for a way to regain his mortality. During his journey, he meets Mana, a young girl who was raised by mermaids for the sole purpose of becoming their sacrifice.

As Mana and Yuta’s journeys continue to intertwine, they will not only encounter more dangerous creatures, but also the darker side of humanity. mermaid forestit isthe depiction of mermaids and immortality makes sitting in suspense an extremely enjoyable experience.

3/10 Ghost Hunt shows what exorcising spirits looks like as a day job

For fans of poltergeists and specters, ghost hunting is the perfect haunted horror anime to watch in October. Anime fans can follow the paranormal cases of Shibuya Psychic Research as they encounter various hauntings and work to exorcise spirits causing terrifying trouble.

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With high school girl Mai and her narcissistic boss Kazuya taking care of the rest of their classmates, there’s no supernatural mystery they can’t explain. A mix of scientific ghost hunting and psychic abilities, ghost hunting is a fun and suspenseful dive into the paranormal.

2/10 Iron Fortress Kabaneri Combines Industrial Revolution and Undead Monsters

For zombie and walking dead fans, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is a must-have anime for Halloween. Set in Japan during the Industrial Revolution, a virus has spread throughout the country, turning everyone infected into terrifying undead creatures called kabane. In response to this epidemic, large railway stations resembling iron fortresses were built to protect the rest of the population, as steam locomotives are the only safe means of transport.

After an encounter with a kabane, the young blacksmith Ikoma is transformed into a kabaneri, a half-human, half-kabane hybrid. Now it’s up to Ikoma and his new companions to fight against the kabane and save humanity. An interesting combination of a period piece and zombie horror, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is a zombie experience fans won’t want to miss.

1/10 Boogiepop & Others Presents Human Possession and Unknown Evil

For fans who want to find an anime that is a mix of both supernatural and psychological horror, Boogiepop and others is the anime to watch this Halloween. When the world faces an uncertain danger lurking in the shadows, Boogiepop will emerge to defeat it. However, even the origins of this supernatural savior are unclear.

Boogiepop is an enigma that has been suspected to be anything from a shikigami to a high school girl’s split personality. The only thing known for certain is that Boogiepop possesses Touka Miyashita’s body when she senses adversity. This psychological anime is sure to keep fans hooked as they follow along with the allusive and cryptic Boogiepop.

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