10 best horror movies on vacation


The struggles of the hustle and bustle of everyday life can start to annoy anyone after a long time, and taking a well-deserved vacation can be the way to relax, decompress, and regain sanity. Of course, if this vacation takes place at Camp Crystal Lake, having fun in the sun quickly turns into a fight for survival.

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The idea that even something as safe and secure as a gentle getaway to the beach, the mountains, or a cabin in the woods could be the backdrop for a bloodshed is more than a bit disconcerting. Sometimes it’s just not easy to have a good time.

ten Motel hell

Motel Hell - pig with chainsaw

Norman Bates wasn’t the only killer using a murderous motel. In this first entry into the slasher genre, a seemingly innocent farmer and his sister run a roadside motel with a deadly secret about their famous smoked meats. Chaos ensues when travelers soon discover that the answer to the secret ingredient puts them on the menu.

It’s a horror comedy that pays homage to and pokes fun at people like psychopath and the Chainsaw Massacre, Complete with bloodied pig heads, chainsaws, and humans harvested for meat. There will be no RnR at this rest area.

9 The wide

Film Open Water 2004 Circling Sharks with a swimmer

Based in part on a true story, The wide take the nautical nightmare that was Jaws and founds it in realism with this film of found images. One shark is enough to make any swimmer uncomfortable, but try being a pair of stranded divers in the middle of an ocean during a binge eating.

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When a couple’s boat accidentally lets them swim for their lives in the middle of Australia’s reef, the elements quickly set in and nature takes its course as a swarm of sharks soon catches them in their feeding grounds. It’s the element of reality that really makes this independent film terrifying.

8 Hotel

Eli Roth Hostel better without sequelae

Eli Roth is one of the masters of Splash Movies Mayhem, and Hotel is a great example. A group of teenagers backpacking across Europe is a common trope, but their idyllic adventure suddenly turns into a bloodbath when they are ushered into an establishment under the guise of an inn that caters to desires. the most evil of his clients.

The film is absolutely disturbing as the three travelers face off against a selection of sadists seeking to maim, maim and maim their victims. A great example of the aforementioned trope, but few people will likely be able to handle it.

7 Houses built in October

October Houses Built Porcelain Clown

In search of the most extreme haunted experience, a group of ravelers travel across the country interacting with various haunted houses. Needless to say, they get more than they expected when they discover an underground lair with a deadly reputation.

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An interesting approach to the genre of found images, Houses built in October offers viewers a captivating perspective into the world of haunted attractions. With a fairly straightforward plot and plenty of scares, this is a road trip flick that takes on plenty of dark twists and turns that will force viewers to grab their chairs.

6 Lowering

Creature in the descent

Lowering is a special breed of monster movies that don’t get enough recognition. When a group of friends decide to caving in an unexplored cave system, they quickly fall prey to a race of blind bat-like creatures who begin to take them down one by one.

The suspense of this film is palpable as horrific creatures lurk in every dark corner of this 2000s horror thriller. Pair that with the awe-inspiring creature effects and gritty drama in the relationships of the film’s victims, and this is a recipe for a solid scary experience. Lowering shows that there are many reasons to be afraid of the dark.

5 Aliens: prey at night

When a family goes on vacation to an aunt and uncle’s trailer park, they are soon attacked by the three mysterious assailants in the middle of the night. A mix of home invasion and classic slasher movie with all the typical carnage, this ghoulish getaway is a return to form for a slow-burning series.

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The rest of 2008 The foreigners took a left turn in the genre department with the release of this slasher sequel, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Masked Kills might live up to their old tricks, but seeing them work with a larger environment is certainly a variation of the formula.

4 Hatchet

Hatchet Victor Crowley

Hatchet is a modern slasher classic that takes a trip south to the New Orleans bayous where a cursed cabin and the vengeful spirit of Victor Crowley lie in wait for a group of tourists who have more than a few scares when they set out in a ghost tour destined. It’s a solid recommendation for anyone who enjoys the traditional horror movie setup.

The rural environments of the Deep South always have a bit of an uncomfortable side, especially swamps and bayous with little light and a multitude of unseen creatures lurking beneath the waters. Add in an ax maniac played by Kane Hodder and obstacles like alligators and quicksand will be the least of the cast’s issues.

3 The cabin in the woods

The characters from The Cabin in the Woods exploring the cabin.

Easily a fan favorite, The cabin in the woods uses the setup of a weekend in the mountains seen in movies like evil Dead for the backdrop of the ultimate love letter to the horror genre. A group of teenagers, a creepy old house, and a whole nest of horrible entities waiting beneath them. It’s impossible not to call this a golden horror opportunity.

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It’s not the most conventional horror movie on the list, but one that deserves more than a few revivals. Part horror comedy and commentary on the slasher movie industry, this film is a modern monster film masterpiece with more than a few nods and nods to the audience.

2 The Street of Fear, Part 2: 1978

Tommy attacks Gary in Fear Street

Like spooky cabins and rural wilderness, summer camps are another common setting for a horror movie. Inspired by movies like Friday 13 and Cropsey, Fear Street, Part 2: 1978 takes the Cursed Camp setting and presents the second entry in a modern slasher series to be held alongside classics like Scream and This.

This sequel unveils the events of the Nightwing Camp Massacre in the tradition of Fear street Shadyside, in which Sarah Fier’s curse is best explored and its effects brought to life in a terrifying new light. What is happening is a night of murder and chaos where even children will not be spared.

1 Friday 13

Of course, no holiday horror movie list would be complete without the genre icon, Friday 13. The whole series literally revolves around Jason Voorhees hacking various victims who disrupt his playgrounds along Camp Crystal Lake in dozens of new and creative ways.

From summer camps to chic lake houses, a freak wearing a hockey mask is a certain way to enjoy a weekend in the great outdoors. But it certainly helps Jason become a fan favorite among gore-hounds around the world.

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