10 best horror movies with happy endings like Fear Street

It has become rare for films in the horror genre to feature happy endings. In recent years, there have been a number of spooky stories presented on the big screen where heroes and protagonists are denied a victory. This is usually done in favor of a dark twist or to keep the momentum of a slasher franchise going with subsequent sequels.

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This can lead to horror burnout for some fans, who tire of watching the monsters win. Fortunately, however, there are still a few horror movies that feature happy endings, like the recently released Netflix’s. Fear street.

ten Army of Darkness finished the Evil Dead trilogy with a hero who accepts his fate

Ash kissing a coworker in Army of Darkness

that of Sam Raimi evil Dead The franchise began as a gore-filled indie horror series. He was following Bruce Campbell’s Ash and his adventures in a cabin in the woods plagued by possessive demons known as Deadites.

Ash was sent back to the past in the third entry, Army of Darkness, where he ruled a medieval kingdom against an army of undead commanded by his own evil double. The film’s finale sees Ash return to the present day when he returns to work as an employee at S-Mart. After accepting his fate as a Deadite killer, he kisses a co-worker.

9 The Conjuring franchise saw Ed and Lorraine Warren help more than one family

Ed and Lorraine Warren from The Conjuring 2

2013 saw the release of the first film in Conspiracy franchise. It starred Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as Ed and Lorraine Warren respectively. The Warrens were demonologists who worked on paranormal cases that inspired Conspiracy horror series and its fallout.

Conspiracy featured horrific scenes of possession that haunted the Perron family. However, the Warrens were able to exorcise the evil force and save the whole family. They also helped the Hodgson family with their obsession in The Conjuring 2 and continued their demonic hunting efforts for another happy ending in The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.

8 People under the stairs spread wealth around an impoverished neighborhood

Mom killed by cannibal children in The People Under The Stairs

at Wes Craven People under the stairs followed by a young boy named Fool, whose family and many others are evicted from their apartment by their owners: the Robesons. Hoping to steal something from the owners so that he can pay for his mother’s operation, Fool enters the house with a few thieves, only to learn that the Robesons are hiding a terrible secret.

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The Robesons kidnap children and keep them locked in their basements, forcing them to resort to cannibalism to survive. Fool is able to help save their adopted daughter, Alice, and free the cannibal children on their captors before blowing up the safe. The money is sent to the neighborhood they oppressed financially, thus finding its way back into the pockets of the community.

7 The whole Freeling family survived the supernatural in Tobe Hooper’s poltergeist

Tobe Hooper and producer Steven Spielberg teamed up for 1982 Fighting spirit, which followed the Freeling family as they moved into a new housing estate which they later realized was built on top of an indigenous community’s cemetery – a trope frequently used in horror films.

Freeling’s young daughter, Carol Anne, is the target of paranormal threats that occupy their home. However, the family manages to emerge from their dark encounter intact (although their home is sucked into a portal to another dimension).

6 Jordan Peele fans surprised with happy ending as friends reunite

Chris and Rod in Get Out

2017 Get out writer / director Jordan Peele shocked and impressed audiences as he followed a black photographer, Chris, and his introduction to his white girlfriend’s family. While at home, he begins to witness several strange events involving the family’s workers.

It is soon revealed that the family is involved in an elite club that uses hypnotherapy to take over the bodies of blacks, all so they can implant rich whites in their minds. Chris is able to fight his way through to become their next victim, only to encounter what appear to be potentially dangerous police in the finale. However, it was actually her best friend who arrived to help save the day.

5 Charley Brewster had the daughter and saved the day in Fright Night happy ending

Jerry Dandridge about to die as a vampire in Fright Night

A teenage boy named Charley Brewster was forced to fight for his survival against his new neighbor, Jerry Dandridge after discovering he was a vampire feeding on women in the community. The ongoing battle between them threatened Charley’s girlfriend, Amy, who was bitten and found herself in the grip of the vampire.

Charley is able to expose Dandridge to the morning sun with the help of a television vampire hunter named Peter Vincent. Charley frees his girlfriend and saves the neighborhood, and Vincent manages to save his career in an ending that leaves everyone but Dandridge in a better place.

4 Tucker & Dale versus. Evil subverted the genre and two best friends came out on top

Tucker and Dale's Stars vs. Evil

Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk played the titular characters in the 2010s Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. A horror comedy that subverted the genre by placing the dumb “rednecks” as the heroes of the play, they found themselves attacked by misguided college teens who thought they had kidnapped their friend.

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The schoolboys begin to kill each other out of zeal until only one remains. However, the survivor suffers from a nervous breakdown and attempts to assassinate the kind and adorable Tucker & Dale. They manage to survive the ordeal, leaving the lover Dale on a date with his crush in the heartwarming happy ending.

3 Happy Death Day featured a deadly time loop that ended in a romantic ending

Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard in Happy Death Day

2017 Happy day of the dead slasher movies merged with a Groundhog day time loop situation, which saw student Tree repeatedly forced to endure her murder at the hands of a masked baby-faced killer.

Forced to work on the various suspects in order to find the killer, end her time loop, and survive all day, Tree discovers that the killer is her jealous sorority sister. The killer arrested, she finds herself freed from the time loop and in a romantic relationship with her close friend. However, the following, Happy death 2U later puts her and her friends in danger.

2 A grieving family was able to evolve alongside their monster in the Babadook

Babadook's mother and son

Widow faces intense grief after losing her husband, which leads to a tense atmosphere in the household when her troubled young son becomes obsessed with an imaginary monster called The Babadook. This monster is the children’s pop-up book that mysteriously arrived on their front steps.

After realizing its existence, the Babadook begins to torment them. However, mother and son quickly overcome the obstacles posed by the monster and build a happy life for themselves. The only problem is that they need to feed and keep the Babadooks happy in their basement.

1 IT Chapter One Ends On A High Note Despite The Inevitable Return of Pennywise

Stephen King's IT Losers Club

that of Stephen King THIS received a new live-action adaptation in 2017 that followed a group of kids known as The Losers Club as they attempt to fight off the ancient evil entity in the form of a clown named Pennywise, who torments them in order that he can feed on their collective fear.

As the movie ended with Inevitability, their adults would have to deal with Pennywise’s return in Computer Science: Chapter Two, the first part always ends on a joyful and uplifting note. The group of friends face their fears and form an incredible bond during a summer filled with horror.

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