10 Best Slasher Action Movies Like The Terminator, According To Reddit

James Cameron’s 1984 classic The Terminator was a genre-blending historical film that dipped into horror as often as it did sci-fi and action. It then spawned a series of similar sequels, some well-received, like Terminator 2: Judgment Dayand some badly received, like Terminator Genisys. It also helped establish Arnold Schwarzenegger’s long career.

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Luckily for fans of the franchise’s best installments, Redditors have suggested similar movies they consider equally worthy of a rental. From Sylvester Stallone’s pursuit of a serial killer to Schwarzenegger’s alien hunt in the late ’80s, there are plenty of chilling action classics out there.


Westworld (1973)

The 1973 movie Westworld essentially only shares its name and basic concept with the latest HBO series. Written and directed by jurassic park and Chronology novelist Michael Crichton, it takes place in a theme park populated by flawed and extremely realistic androids. Yul Brynner’s deadly android shooter, in particular, is every bit as intimidating as Schwarzenegger’s first T-800, which arrived in theaters 11 years later.

TheG-What gave the film a mixed recommendation, saying that “It has a great concept but quickly turns into a monster movie. Yul Brynner is awesome though.” Then, further down the thread, labbla wrote that “It’s more like jurassic park with evil cowboy robots as the philosophy in which the series fits.”

Silent Rage (1982)

Chuck Norris in a sheriff's uniform in Silent Rage

The Chuck Norris Action Movie Silent Rage finds the martial arts star playing a sheriff on the heels of John Kirby, a particularly intimidating murderer. He was injected with a formula that enhances cellular strength and regeneration, making him nearly invincible.

The early 1980s thriller did well with critics and has many fans on Reddit. Like RipMortan88, who wrote “I watch it every few years. Norris actually doesn’t beat it so that was a nice surprise. I love that soundtrack, kinda 80s. I like his mix Frankenstein-esque action-horror-sci-fi melody.”

Cobra (1986)

Cobra is the result of Beverly Hills Cop swapping out Stallone for Eddie Murphy and his lighter tone provided. Stallone’s 1986 film is extremely violent, leaving the viewer feeling dirty. It also has a great villainous performance from Brian Thompson, who made a guest appearance alongside Bill Paxton in The Terminator just two years ago.

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Briancarknee wrote “I love this movie so much. I saw it when I was 12 and thought it was so cool, but I saw it again a few months ago and just enjoyed it for its cheesy 80s vibes.”

Predator (1987)

Predator 1987

Not all of Schwarzenegger’s best films feature a time-traveling killer cyborg. John McTiernan’s jungle sci-fi classic, Predator, bears its own similarities to Cameron’s film. Both present a trickier antagonist than even the most seasoned military vet, aided further by technology that surpasses modern military capabilities. Instead of the T-800 crashing into a police station, however, Predator goes over the stalk-and-slash route taken by Friday 13.

Cmitchell337 stated that “the first Predator will forever be the best team-vs-monster movie of all time. You don’t even have to give you a story about who each member of the team is… I wish I was in 87 to have watched this in the theater…”

Hardware (1990)

A wandering man in a red desert in Hardware

The Terminator showed brief glimpses of the post-apocalyptic future, but Equipment takes the audience to the end and leaves it there. It also involves a sentient robot with the ability to repair itself, making it nearly indestructible.

BaylorYou started a thread with a rather enthusiastic title: “My God guys, Equipment (1990) is criminally underrated sci-fi/horror.” They later wrote, “I just finished the movie after hearing little or nothing about it, and highly recommend it. If you’ve seen it, I’m curious what you thought of it.”

Jason X (2001)

Uber Jason in the virtual reality version of Camp Crystal Lake in Jason X

It may not contain the scariest Jason Voorhees, but Jason X mixes both horror and science fiction. Additionally, Voorhees is converted into a cyborg during the film’s climax, thus transforming him into a T-800 wearing a hockey mask.

Some Redditors have a soft spot for it, however, like TomberryServo, who wrote “It’s gory, it’s funny, and delivers exactly what it advertises. It’s perfect popcorn entertainment and I’ll be seeing it again certainly in the future.”

The Guest (2014)

The guest features a human antagonist, but at times he seems just as unstoppable as Schwarzenegger’s T-800. Dan Stevens plays an American soldier who arrives on the Peterson family porch. He says his name is David and he knew their fallen son. It turns out, however, that “David” is actually a military test subject and is programmed to immediately kill anyone who knows his true identity.

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Doogal_uk called it a “brilliant movie! Really entertaining thriller, the third act was very ironic but that’s why I loved it. I loved the retro feel, the soundtrack was great too.”

Green Room (2015)

A screenshot of Anton Yelchin's Pat and Imogen Poots' Amber falling in a bloody Green Room scene

The punk rock action horror movie green room bears a fairly direct resemblance to The TerminatorThe first major appearance of in the 1984 film. Three punk rockers stroll around Griffith Observatory, including Paxton. The T-800 shows up, naked, and demands their clothes. The three men do not agree and pay with their lives. It’s a violent scene, but nothing to do with what happens to the punk band of green room. The film follows the rockers, led by Imogen Poots and the late Anton Yelchin, as they play a gig at a remote club. Unfortunately, they witness a murder there, and even worse, it’s a neo-Nazi hangout.

Brownsdaycaree wrote of the film grizzly: “Absolutely loved it but it was so brutal like when I saw the main guy’s arm I knew I was going for a ride. Side note, he n there were only four people in my theater, myself included.”

Upgrade (2018)

upgrade featured movie

The underrated sci-fi movie of 2018 To improve has gained its rightful following over the years, and it should be especially appealing to terminator Fans. It follows the same anti-technology thread, although this time the protagonist is a paralyzed man implanted with a chip that gives him the ability to walk again.

A_Feathered_Raptor described his experience with the third act, writing “Not a big fan of the negative endings, but I thought it was very fitting here. It wasn’t to shock, it fit the theme perfectly. and the bow…”

Overlord (2018)

The war horror film produced by JJ Abrams Suzerain benefits from a unique concept and terribly macabre effects. An alternate history Nazi experimentation plot is every bit as inventive as anything in Cameron’s film.

A now-deleted user wrote, “There are some super intense sequences in this movie; as this movie is first a war movie until the 3rd act of the movie, then it goes from “war horror” to “gore/zombie horror”. ‘”

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