10 Best So-Bad-It’s-Good Horror Movies, According To Reddit

Michael Myers will return in the next Halloween ends this October. While the majority of Halloween franchise has been acclaimed by horror fans, some horror movies haven’t been so lucky. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be avoided. There are, in fact, a number of great horror movies that are widely loved precisely because they eschew all of the qualities one normally associates with “good” horror.

Rather than trying to be something they’re not and yearning for some nebulous definition of quality, these are the types of movies that are often considered so bad, it’s good, and users from Reddit have identified some of the best of them.


ten Drive-thru (2007)

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The clown is one of the most common characters in horror movies and, while some of them have become classics of the genre, others, like Drive-thrureally lean into the absurdity of their own premise.

The fact that the killer clown in this film is called Horny and is the mascot of a fast food restaurant is an indication of the silliness that ensues. In fact, all of that is what makes it so appealing to Reddit fans like GamerJes, who writes: “Bad jokes, puns and corpses. Good cheezy fun.

9 Zombeavers (2014)

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There are many cool creature features, and while some try to take a serious approach to the threat of the wild animal, that’s not the case with Zombeavers. As its title suggests, it focuses on the terror unleashed by a group of zombified beavers.

It is, of course, a film that relies heavily on its own comedic elements, and it is overall a very glorious mess. It even has a few notable cameos, which makes it appealing to KahnSoupnnoosenphonewho writes that “John Mayer and Bill Burr make this movie for me, and they only stay in it for 3 minutes.”

8 Prom Night (2008)

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Sometimes a horror movie remake can take something from the original film and turn it into something fascinating. This is not the case with prom nighthowever, which is a remake of a 1980s slasher. It was universally slammed by critics precisely for not doing anything interesting with its material.

However, in its banality there is also something to please contemporary viewers, because gf120581 writes: “The 2008 remake of ‘Prom Night’ is just the most incredibly mundane horror movie of all time. Everything is generic, everything is totally predictable, every character is an idiot. Even in the banality, there can often be enjoyment, which prom night clearly shows.

seven Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

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Often, with such bad films, the title gives away the plot, and that’s precisely what happens with Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Focusing the way it does on aliens who look like clowns, it really is an absurd film, but it’s one of those that embraces his status and recognizes that he’s not meant to be a boss- work.

No wonder it became a cult classic in its own right and won the love of many Reddit users. TheRadiantWindrunner calls it “The only right answer”. In wickedness, it seems, there is often a great deal of value.

6 Jason X (2001)

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Few slasher movie villains have become as famous as Jason. Since its introduction decades ago, it has terrorized generations of moviegoers. Unfortunately, Jason X isn’t so much terrifying as it is absurd, which turned Jason into a cyborg and woke up in the future after which, of course, he goes on his usual murderous rampage.

It has aroused the derision of several generations of moviegoers, including literalwho writes: “‘Jason in space’ is such a ridiculous concept that it was a mad tv parody six years before the release of Jason X.

5 Night of the Lepus (1972)

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Of all the animals that could appear in a horror movie, the rabbit would be one of the most incongruous as a potential danger. However, this is exactly the premise of Night of Lepus. Predictably, the film struggles, unsuccessfully, to make rabbits something that actually feels scary.

However, that’s precisely what makes it such a treat for so many Reddit users. GF120581 writes, “The amount of drugs the rulers who enlightened her were taking must have been staggering.” As is often the case, it’s the type of film, it’s its badness that makes it so enjoyable for contemporary viewers.

4 The Driller Killer (1979)

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As its title suggests, The driller killer is about an artist who, having gone mad, goes on a murderous rampage with a drill. While it’s not as gory as its title suggests, there’s still plenty to enjoy, especially since it doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously and leans into its own schlocky vanity.

yrlowendtheory is particularly expansive in his praise of the film, writing, “I currently really like The driller killer (1979). It’s terrible, but also a real gem.” With bad movies, it’s clearly best to lean into the absurdity that’s on offer.

3 Deathbed: The Bed That Eats (1977)

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Every now and then a horror movie comes along that, even in its title, doesn’t attempt to disguise how ridiculous it is. As its title suggests, Deathbed concerns the title object, which brings disaster to several generations of its owners.

With its blend of surrealism, absurd premise, and weird pacing, it seems that, despite its artistic pretensions, it knew it was going to be seen as such a bad type of film as it was a good one. narwhal tooth had this to say, “It was so awful I couldn’t tear myself away from it.”

2 Alice in Murderland (2010)

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Alice in Murderland is one of those movies that really leans into the idea that to be really good, it has to be absolutely bad. In this case, everything about the film smacks of poor construction, including the fact that many of the crew actually appear in frame.

Also, the costumes, not to mention the acting, seem to be deliberately abysmal. A Reddit user is particularly outspoken in his assessment, writing, “it really is s****y and one of my favorite horrors.”

1 The Santa Claus Massacre (2005)

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While Christmas has often inspired a number of touching holiday movies, it’s also inspired its fair share of horror. Most notable is The Santa Claus Massacre which manages to be both incredibly violent and cheesy (it’s definitely kind of a naughty Santa movie).

In large part, the latter stems from the casting of Bill Goldberg, a wrestler, as the murderous Santa Claus. It’s-my-marmalade wrote, “I understand this is deliberately meant to be stupid, but I ended up enjoying this movie MUCH more than I expected.” In this case, the film’s wickedness elevated it to folk art.

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