10 Found Horror Movies That Are Really Scary

Sitting down to watch a found horror movie is a gamble. For one, if done correctly, found footage can create a sense of realism and a claustrophobic feeling that the viewer is trapped with the film crew. On the other hand, found footage films are inexpensive to make, so many inexperienced filmmakers try their hand at making them, expecting the process to be easy.

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Found movies can be low-budget, but to make one that’s truly scary requires a dedicated crew, a focused director, and actors who can convincingly portray themselves as real people. So, despite the plethora of horror movies found in the realm of streaming, it takes work to find the ones that work.

3D found images starts out as a joke. It follows a team of indie filmmakers as they travel to an isolated cabin to film the first ever 3D found footage movie, even though making a 3D found footage movie would most likely look terrible.

The movie has a lot of meta jokes while the crew is confused as to what is a real haunting and what is just part of the movie. However, horror goes beyond comedy as 3D found images progresses, and the final act is a deadly and serious bloodbath. It’s a surprisingly smooth transition from comedy to horror.

9 Deborah Logan’s take is poignant and horrifying

The 2015 M. Night Shyamalan movie Visit is a solid film in its own right, but a similar film called Deborah Logan’s takereleased in 2014, is a much scarier film with a similar subject. Deborah Logan tells the story of a film crew making a documentary about Deborah Logan, an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s disease.

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The film takes Alzheimer’s very seriously, and Deborah’s relationship with her daughter is played completely straight. A lesser movie would feel exploitative when the team starts speculating that Deborah is possessed by a demon. Yet despite the supernatural angle, the film’s depiction of Alzheimer’s disease feels very real.

8 The medium is a nightmare from Thailand

The way is a 2021 Thai-South Korean film that was a box office success in Korea and Thailand’s submission for the Oscars in 2022. It starts out so innocuous that some viewers might think they’ve put on a real documentary , but when the horror elements sneak in, they go for the jugular.

In the last act, the possessed young woman, played brilliantly by Narilya Gulmongkolpech, completely lets go of all her demonic power. The film reaches some of the most unsettling lengths in horror history. Sensitive viewers should check movie entry on DoesTheDogDie.com before watching.

seven V/H/S/94 is the scariest movie in the series

The V/H/S the films are anthology films where each segment is shot in found footage style. Some segments are classics while others barely work, but as a full movie, V/H/S/94 is consistently good throughout.

V/H/S/94 tells four full stories, and they’re all great horror shorts in their own right. Of particular note is “The Subject”, which is filmed through the eyes of a man transformed into a cyborg by a mad scientist.

6 The tunnel is hard to find but worth the time

The tunnel is a 2011 Australian film that is somewhat difficult to find online for anyone not in Australia. It’s not released anywhere except a low-res version on YouTube, and no Blu-Rays exist overseas yet. It’s worth seeking out, though, especially for fans of the found footage horror genre.

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The film is unusual in the horror genre in that it lets viewers know who will survive the adventure ahead of time. What is impressive The tunnel is that it always goes from a mockumentary about Australian politics to a thrill ride with ease.

5 Host is one of the best movies made during lockdown

The COVID-19 lockdown may have brought all major studio film production to a halt and shuttered cinemas around the world, but that hasn’t stopped director Rob Savage and his team of dedicated actors from pulling off a brilliant horror movie on Zoom.

Host follows a group of bored friends stuck indoors during lockdown who decide to commune with spirits one night. Unfortunately, their session goes terribly wrong and the evil spirits begin to eliminate them one by one. All lighting, effects and stunts had to be arranged by the actors themselves due to COVID restrictions, which makes the film an even more stunning achievement.

4 Noroi: The curse is apocalyptic terror

The best found horror films lull viewers into a false sense of security, playing the documentary angle straight until things very suddenly start to go wrong. Noroi: the curse is a classic example of this found footage approach.

noroi begins as a documentary by a paranormal researcher who follows him through a fairly detailed investigation of a haunted residence. However, by the end of the film, events have gotten so much worse that the audience feels as if they are watching the apocalypse unfold before them.

3 Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum is one great play after another

Few movies can beat the 2018 South Korean film Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum for the sheer volume of creative and unexpected fears. Filmed in a brilliant recreation of a real abandoned asylum, Gonjiam is loaded with shocking moments, clever camera tricks, and brilliant horror backdrops.

The film is presented as raw footage of a team of con artists with a web series that pretends to be an investigation of haunted places. They invite guests to an episode in a haunted asylum and use fake scares to convince the guests that they are haunted. Unfortunately for them, the abandoned Gonjiam Mental Hospital is truly haunted, and the crooks are unprepared for what they find inside.

2 [REC] Remains one of the best horror films of the 2000s

The spanish zombie movie [REC] is over fifteen years old, and it’s still one of the first horror movies fans point to when friends ask for movies that are truly scary. Located almost entirely in an apartment building, [REC] follows a reporter doing a story about local firefighters that suddenly becomes a recording of the zombie apocalypse.

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[REC] was popular enough to spawn three sequels and an American remake called Quarantine. The original is still the best, though, and its final act is legendaryly biting and claustrophobic in a way none of its offshoots have been able to replicate.

The Blair Witch Project is such an iconic film at this point — more than two decades after its controversial release — that a recommendation seems almost arbitrary. The truth is, however, that Blair Witch is as terrifying now as it was in 1999, though rumors of it being real footage have long since been debunked. Any horror fan who has put off watching the film that launched the found footage genre would do well to watch it as soon as possible, preferably alone in the dark late at night.

Directors Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez chose to avoid showing any supernatural events in the footage allegedly shot by his student filmmakers, allowing the terror to lurk in the viewer’s imagination. The mental collapse of the three students plays out with harrowing realism, making the wilderness they are lost in as much of a threat as any supernatural force.

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