10 games you didn’t realize were inspired by PT (Silent Hills)


Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro PT (Silent Hills) fundamentally changed the horror genre of gaming. With a central story that only lasts around 90 minutes, the game has nonetheless been acclaimed by all, and many would argue that TP is among the scariest and most memorable games of the past decade, if not all time.

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Its central narrative device – a looping haunted hallway – has practically become its own subgenre for indie horror games, and production companies large and small continue to draw inspiration from Kojima’s masterpiece. and del Toro to date. Even the poignant story behind the game’s development and cancellation influenced the design of subsequent properties. PT influence cannot be overstated

ten Face (2018)

Face game review

With its first chapter released in 2018, the acclaimed indie game from SadSquare Studio Face is one of the first games inspired by Silent hills. There are obvious aesthetic similarities between Dwayne Anderson’s Haunted House and PT endless hallway, and both games also feature themes of self-loathing and supernatural punishment for those who commit terrible crimes – a central motif in the silent Hill franchise.

Face also borrows from TP in its structure. The game is divided into four chapters, each a standalone story roughly the same length as the Silent hills demo.

9 Layers of Fear (2016)

Fear Layers Library

While Layers of fear undoubtedly draws from TP Within the shifting interior of a haunted artist mansion, there are more elegant and subtle ways in which the game references the Kojima and del Toro demo. For all the aesthetic similarities of the game with Silent hills, the most remarkable link is in its history. Layers of fear tells the story of a tormented painter creating his magnum opus through a heartbreaking and overwhelming journey through an old mansion.

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In the broad sense, the story of a tortured artist is itself a tribute to the ill-fated process behind PT development, in which the creative conflict between Hideo Kojima and publisher Konami led to the two ways of separation. Schism is a story well known to gamers, and Layers of fear clearly sheds light on one of the true horror stories of the video game industry in an effective and nuanced way.

8 Resident Evil VII: Biohazard (2017)

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Although it can be said that each resident Evil game and remake released since 2014 was somehow inspired by TP, the most direct example is the blockbuster hit of 2017 Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. Representing the franchise’s first foray into first-person gameplay, designers Hajime Horiuchi and Keisuke Yamakawa are clearly taking inspiration from TP in the design of the game’s levels – the winding, claustrophobic hallways that make up the abandoned Baker family mansion in Louisiana.

Resident Evil VII also launched the RE Engine, a direct competitor to Kojima’s Fox Engine, which offers shaded, naturalistic lighting and ambiance reminiscent of Silent hills.

7 Phasmophobia (2020)

One of the most overlooked qualities of Silent hills is its cooperative mechanism, most visible during the first days of the demo’s release. Players who played on the first download will remember that it required collaboration to beat. Unable to come to an end, players around the world have taken to online forums to compare scores, translate hidden messages into multiple languages, and finally escape the endless corridor of downtown Silent Hill.

Although Phasmophobia cannot be classified with TP among the scariest video games of all time, it takes a more direct route to enticing player co-op in a similar environment, and it works with stunning effect. Although it does not feature the magical realism warping the world of Silent Hills, Phasmophobia clearly relies on PT confined and domestic aesthetic built around its basic cooperative mechanism.

6 Blair Witch (2019)

Blair Witch Game 2019

Witch Blair is an underrated title and draws much of its narrative inspiration from TP What it lacks in the gameplay, Witch Blair consists of a narrative momentum and a suspenseful immersion, which are the two characteristics of the Silent hills demo.

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Based on the shot Witch Blair Project movies, the game replaces movie theaters PT house with twisted forest trails and abstract flashbacks of protagonist Ellis Lynch’s military deployment. He cleverly uses the psychological horror mechanics of Silent hills to add a meaningful entry to the franchise series.

5 Until Dawn and the Dark Images Anthology (2015)

Until Dawn - Best Video Games 2015

Silent hills is often applauded for its brevity and mechanical simplicity, but with franchise inspiration drawn from such iconic shows like Twin peaks, the game’s vast cinematic range and polish can’t be ignored. From beginning to end, TP is just as captivating and refined as any blockbuster horror movie. This influence shines in Supermassive Games Dark images Anthology and the first entry into its franchise, Until dawn, which may sound more like a movie than a points game.

Even in the following installments, The Anthology of Dark Images the franchise relies heavily on the aesthetics of prestige cinema which Silent hills pioneer, demonstrating that horror video games can be more than just spooky jump sequences; they can be an immersive cinematic experience to rival any Hollywood production.

4 Summer 58 (2021)

A group of scary kids sitting on a fence next to the Summer 58 title card

One of PT the most remarkable qualities are how much he does with so little. At the time of release, this was only a 1.3 gigabyte download. Some independent developers, like EMIKA_GAMES, have taken this “less is more” approach and built a brand based on PT mechanical. The best example is in their underground tube 2021 Summer ’58.

Featuring a recursive narrative design full of shifting hallways and jaw-dropping scares, Summer 58 is a notable step towards emulating the mechanics that worked in TP without feeling like a carbon copy. There is no shortage of scary and compelling fan-made silent Hill works of art in the world, and the EMIKA_GAMES project easily stands out among the best in its class.

3 Resident Evil Village (2021)

New Resident Evil Village PC patch announced.

As one of the world’s leading producers of horror video games, Capcom would be remiss if it didn’t continue to take inspiration from one of the most respected horror franchises in the industry. For this reason, Resident Evil Village is the second entry in the series to be influenced by TP The entire first act of the game can be seen as an abstract homage to Silent hills, in which protagonist Ethan Winters attempts to escape a claustrophobic maze while being chased by a supernatural, deadly, white-adorned large woman. Indeed, if not for PT iconic Lisa, there may never have been a Lady Dimitrescu.

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Additionally, when Ethan reaches the Beneviento house, he is chased down a narrow hallway by a huge mutant fetus – an undeniable nod to the Silent hills “sinking fetus” that appears in the middle of the game.

2 Death Stranding (2019)

Death Stranding: Director's Cut also adds a very difficult mode

2019 Death stranding is another game that is directly inspired by the Silent hills demo. With the two titles among the best games developed by Kojima, TP and Death stranding nevertheless appear nothing similar on the surface. They both belong to very different genres and represent opposite ends of the player’s agency and the narrative spectrum. Despite this, Death stranding marks the first no-Metal gear project after Konami left, and there is certainly more of a connection than it seems.

PT the main influence lies in Death stranding treatment of the supernatural. As wearer Sam Bridges traverses the United Cities of America, he is endlessly plagued by interdimensional spectra known as Beached Things, or “BT” – a less than subtle nod to the previous work of Kojima. In their presence, the palpable terror of The silent hills returns as players attempt to sneak in, which is especially poignant when Sam’s communicator comes to life with cryptic messages like the lobby radio in TP

1 Watchdogs: Legion (2020)

Watch Dogs Legion Unsavory NPC story

Another somewhat surprising entry, Watch dogs: Legion seems to be far from Silent hills with its vast open world and complex game mechanics. In his most recent DLC Line, yet, Watch dogs devoted an entire mission to TP, placing the character Jackson Pearce in a facsimile of the loop Silent hills hallway, tracked down by a familiar-looking ghost named “Lena”.

More than just an Easter egg, the segment of the game probes the protagonist’s psychological trauma resulting from the loss of his niece. While this is a little nod to the famous Kojima and del Toro demo, it nonetheless gives a glimpse of the influence the game has had even outside of the horror genre in the games. large production studios.

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