10 horror movies for a macabre getaway


The thrill of the chase is a big part of many blockbuster horror movies. It gets everyone’s adrenaline pumping, helps push the element of suspense, and keeps audiences on the edge of their seats as they hope and pray that the survivors can make it out alive.

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It’s this element of the unknown that keeps viewers coming back for more. They can run away from sharks, zombies, or the stereotypical masked murderer, but the getaway motif is a common trope that’s often used for thrills and chills in any weird feature.

ten Escape room

Escape Game and Minos logo

A little on the nose, but that just couldn’t be ignored with the popularity of escape rooms these days. Honestly, it was only a matter of time before someone turned the often-whimsical puzzle activities into a Jigsaw-inspired death trap, and the result was this teenage horror flick.

The plot is quite simple, a group of participants in an elaborate escape room must overcome their past sins in order to avoid various traps and dangers, usually leading to someone getting the ax. It’s a formula, it’s true, but there is certainly something to be said about the creativity of the film.

9 Jeepers

The Creeper itself has haunted the dreams of many moviegoers, and there are several reasons for this. The horror genre is no stranger to monsters who want to eat people’s vital organs, but few can pursue and pursue their victims with the ferocity of this ancient evil.

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Granted, few supernatural entities have access to a giant truck that they can use to take down their targets, but this movie isn’t exactly known for its subtlety. Hunger is a powerful motivator for anyone, monster or otherwise, but when they’re as armed to the sharp teeth as the creeper, he’s more than equipped to get what he wants.

8 Proof of death

The Creeper isn’t the only one that comes with a slick wheel set. Quinten Tarantino’s grindhouse-style slasher flick features Kurt Russell as a serial killer stuntman whose weapon of choice is a vicious vehicle that is “100% death proof,” at least to the driver.

The film essentially follows the slasher formula of a murderer stalking and eliminating women one by one until one last girl and her companions take revenge, but it’s all done with Tarantino’s over-the-top, violent flair.

7 Seen

There’s no escaping it, but Seen was the escape horror movie that completely changed the genre. Essentially Escape room before Escape room, The original film starring the vengeful and enigmatic Jigsaw and his evil traps was a horror film that took the world by storm and spawned sequel after sequel.

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Seen is blunt, clear and straightforward. The sole purpose of the film’s survivors is to stay alive no matter the cost. Jaws are open, limbs ripped off, and victims set off terrifying traps throughout the film. It’s definitely a way to get the adrenaline pumping.

6 Haunt

A masked figure in Eli Roth's Haunt

that of Eli Roth Haunt is an interesting hybrid of escape and slasher movie as a gang of friends spend their Halloween night in search of an extreme haunted house, but find a deadly roadside attraction run by a group of masked killers. It recalls the golden age of the genre, but also includes Roth’s knack for gore.

Any good slasher movie should have some chase scene form, but this factor is only increased when multiple murderers are added to the mix. Especially if the victims are trying to escape from a filthy haunted house rigged with deadly traps.

5 The foreigners

Normally, the home is a place people want to go to feel safe. But if this house is overrun with a trio of creepy masked slashers, it’s probably not the best idea. It’s a slow burn, but The foreigners is an intense and scary film with scares around every corner.

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A common theme for escape movies is coming out of any place the victims find themselves trapped, but there’s something more unsettling about it being in the characters’ own house. When that familiar element of security is removed, the fear factor increases dramatically.

4 Halloween ii

Laurie walked in Halloween 2

Although the first Halloween Has that familiar escape element towards the second half of the film, its sequel makes full use of the idea. After the events of the previous film. Laurie Strode is trapped in a hospital with murderer Michael ripping and tearing her way through staff and others to reach her.

The element of escape seen in many ’80s horror movies usually involves walking away from a slasher entity or character, and Michael Myers is one of the most iconic. With characters like Jason Voorhees, he’s more of a force of nature than a masked man, and he doesn’t fall easily.

3 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Leatherface running at the end of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

When one of the 1974 slasher’s most iconic scenes features the last girl practically running a marathon with a chainsaw madman on her tail, she has to be included on the list. Again, the theme of trying to escape a house full of killers graces the list, but with a more grindhouse feel than the common slasher.

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Running away from someone in a mask with a chainsaw is a common horror trope seen and taunted across the genre, but Leatherface made it possible. However, it’s virtually impossible to forget a scene that ends with a chainsaw chase and dance.

2 The Terminator

While it might not be horror in the traditional sense, The Terminator is a sci-fi thriller about getaway, whether it’s an evil cyborg played by Arnold Schwarzenegger or a future destroyed by an evil society. It’s a theme that follows the series, but the horror elements shine more in the original.

The original T-800 is a relentless killing machine with a single mission, to destroy Sarah Connor and prevent the rise of resistance against Skynet. The intensity of the cyborg moving closer and closer to Sarah and Kyle like a robotic predator is absolutely palpable.

1 Extraterrestrial

Ridley Scott’s science fiction masterpiece Extraterrestrial takes first place for its amalgamation of traits that make it the perfect escape horror movie. A group of victims must leave a familiar workplace when a vicious alien monster finds its way onto their ship. The thrill of the hunt only intensifies as the Nostromo crew get picked up and eaten by the Xenomorph.

The movie has been compared to a slasher movie in space, and it jumps through many similar hoops, including using that fear of the unknown as the alien creature hides in the darkness of the spaceship. It’s intense, original and a classic that has stood the test of time.

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