10 horror movies that revitalized classic villains


Recently, Nia DaCosta Candy the reboot revitalized a villain who hadn’t had a movie in over two decades, which is pretty rare to see. As good as the original is, the new Candy can just compete in terms of quality, something that the other Candy movies can’t really boast.

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That said, it’s not impossible for classic slashers to get a new movie that gives them back some groove. In fact, this has happened a lot more times than you might have realized. Not too long ago, one of the slasher villains who started it all received another blood injection that wowed horror fans.

ten Candyman (2021) – Rent on Vudu

Speaking of Candy, Nia DaCosta’s recent movie brought the legendary killer back to Cabrini Green to make more people believe. Falling into the doldrums, artist Anthony McCoy becomes fascinated by the legend of Candyman before inadvertently reviving it, but all is not as it seems.

DaCosta’s film was slated for release in mid-2020, but despite being delayed due to COVID-19, it looks just as important. With an incredibly talented cast, gorgeous visuals, weird music, and very relevant social commentary, Candy is a movie that will last for ages, and considering the villain involved, that sentiment is pretty apt.

9 Leprechaun Returns (2018) – Stream on SyFy

The Leprechaun and its gold in Leprechaun Returns.

There were eight Leprechaun horror movies, with only Leprechaun returns receive positive reviews. After going to Las Vegas, to space, to the neighborhood, and receiving a remake from WWE Studios, the Leprechaun received a welcome return to basics in the form of a film on SYFY.

After a group of college kids move into the house from the original movie, Leprechaun returns to kill them and get his hands on his gold. Leprechaun returns It’s what most would expect from a Leprechaun movie, but in a much nicer package, being a fun game for those who like their horror to be fun.

8 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) – Aired on HBO Max

Leatherface in the Door in the 2003 remake.

Platinum Dunes is quite infamous in the horror community, as Michael Bay’s production company is responsible for the underrated Friday 13 reboot and the evil seen again Nightmare on Elm Street to restart. However, they are responsible for the very good remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Carrying out the same story as the 1974 classic, the remake picks up the plot and makes some major changes, such as expanding the cannibal family and making Leatherface much more physically threatening. It also updates the look of the film while maintaining the upbeat vibe, with the return of cinematographer Daniel Pearl. The remake had a sequel, but it wasn’t as warmly received.

7 Never Hike Alone: ​​A Friday The 13th Fan Film (2017) – Stream on YouTube

Jason tracks down a victim in Never Hike Alone.

After years of less than stellar sequelae, a battle with another slasher and a remake in 2009, litigation has stagnated Jason Voorhees. This is where superfan Vincente DiSanti stepped in and made Never hike alone, a Friday 13 fan film that brought Jason back in a far more terrifying capacity.

Never hike alone is about a hiker who records his escapades tripping over abandoned Camp Crystal Lake, with no idea what to expect. While it’s unofficial, it has rekindled interest in Jason and is done with too much love not to be included.

6 Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (1994) – Aired on HBO Max

Freddy Krueger in New Nightmare.

By the time Wes Craven returned to the franchise, Freddy Krueger’s adventures on Elm Street had gotten a bit too comedic to be taken seriously. However, the director decided to revitalize the slasher he created with a really meta twist in the form of Wes Craven’s New Nightmare.

The film is set in the real world, with Krueger attacking those involved in his films after New Line Cinema stops making films. The film Scared Krueger again was reinforced by an excellent performance by Heather Langenkamp and was a real treat for die-hard fans of the series.

5 Freddy vs. Jason (2003) – Aired on HBO Max

Freddy confronts Jason in a boiler room.

After New nightmare but before Never hike alone, Freddy vs. Jason revitalized two classic slashers for the price of one. While these two films had caveats, Freddy vs. Jason gave new life to classic incarnations of cinema’s most prolific killers in an era that had abandoned them.

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Freddy, who has lost his power to kill after years of inactivity, manipulates Jason into hacking a new generation of teenagers, only to have a potential kill stolen by the Crystal Lake Plague, naturally pitting the two against each other. to one another. Although it received mixed reviews upon its release, Freddy vs. Jason is adored by fans of both franchises these days.

4 The Curse of Chucky (2013) – Airing on Fubo

Chucky on the knees of a girl in a wheelchair.

Chucky has a reputation for terrifying children and he’s also memorable for his one-liners, but his films have gotten more and more awkward after the original. Child’s play has been freed. After Chucky seed made him even more of a joke, creator Don Mancini set out to track down what made the original film so special, doing it perfectly.

His killings twice as cruel, his victim twice as vulnerable, Chucky is twice as terrifying in Curse of Chucky, with actor Brad Dourif delivering one of his best performances as a character. The film would later have a sequel, continuing the tone of Curse but by widening the scope.

3 Predators (2010) – Stream on Amazon Prime

A predator illuminated in the shadows.

The original Predator is considered awesome, Predator 2 is less awesome, and the Vice-president the movies made intergalactic hunters little more than a joke. With the original still in effect today, it makes sense that the next best Predator the film would be the one that went back to the jungle.

Predators is about a group of killers from Earth brought to the predator planet to be eliminated one by one. Predators is a return to form for the franchise, which both recalls the first two films and evolves the franchise in a bold new way. Although the 2018 release was a step back in the eyes of most, Predators is still a hidden gem.

2 Shin Godzilla (2016) – Rent on Vudu

A more horrific Godzilla bathed in red.

Over the decades, the point of Godzilla has been diluted despite the character maintaining a massive fan base. The original Godzilla The film was a terrifying film that portrayed the Kaiju as a force of nature and was a perfect commentary on the nuclear attacks that were still fresh in the minds of the Japanese people.

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Godzilla would become a hero over time, but Shin godzilla brought the character back to his destructive roots. Following a similar narrative to the 1954 film and intensifying the destruction, the film transforms Godzilla into a pure horror creature, as he goes through three distinct and gruesome evolutions.

1 Halloween (2018) – Broadcast on Fubo

Michael Myers gets up on Halloween in 2018.

Bringing back Michael Myers is apparently a ten-year tradition, as there had been three separate reboots prior to the 2018 attempt, none of which was satisfying. However, when David Gordon Green and Danny McBride released the Halloween, it seemed to tick all the right boxes for fans.

Remembering only the years 1978 Halloween, the film sees Myers return 40 years after his original murder streak, killing a new generation of victims before coming face to face with a much more menacing Laurie Strode. Returning to the low-key horror of the original, the 2018 reboot reinvigorated Myers in a way all other reboots failed to do.

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